Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Did You See Him?

Did i see Hobojoe???? Sneaked in to BBs blog! THEN, didn't do a post on his! OMG,,just don't know what to think!

Supposed to have big rains the next 2 days. HUH!,,I just looked and it's all over to the E, map showing big rains THERE, in places. Austin just had some hail. That's what made me look, to see where we stood. No worries. It is cloudy, cooler.

Guess what i found in my pantry,,,hahahahaha,,,Don't know why i didn't look at it when i went thru the pantry before. It's a box of cake mix,,,expiration date,,,9-00. hahahahaha,,,I don't have very many boxes any more. lololol. And that pancake mix i used today,,,gone! It wasn't out of date, just horrible tasting. YUK,,,I will get to the store today for waffles. (I'm out). Out of milk too. The $store might have those.

I'm still walking, did a little more yesterday, i think. Gonna have to start wearing my monitor. Hope there's not a minimum,,,hahahahaha. Maybe these shoes that rock and roll, are the difference. Can barely stand in them,, make me stagger. lololol. I can just see trying to explain that to a cop! Hey officer, it's my shoes. Bet that's a new one.

Seems my posts are getting shorter all the time. Don't want to quit doing dailys tho. Even if they're short. Just nothing to say. Same ol, Same ol,,, Maybe it'll get better. For all of us that seem to be stuck in a rut.

So,,yall tc,



  1. The shoes that you are talking about, are they the ones that have the rounded bottoms so that you can't stand still?

  2. yesss,,, when i try, i tilt back. hard to balance. I ordered them online but didn't know that's how they would be. I'm getting used to them.

  3. Those shoes scare me. LOL I bet I could fall before I stood up.
    You doing good keep it up.

  4. When I stand up, I normally rock back and forth a few timew while waving my arms for balance with flat shoes. Don't think round bottoms would work very well for me, guess I'm just gonna have to keep my old fashion shoes.

  5. This reminds me of my Grandma..she was a horrid cook..so I show up one day and she has Turkey, dressing, giblet gravy etc..WOW it was GREAT!!

    We ate until we could not eat anymore, so she had me cleaning, and I saw the package date...it was from 1979....(this was in 1989)... I got a little sick but said, darn, her freezer is GREAT!!