Monday, January 30, 2012


My left ear has been itching for weeks, and i know that if i swab it out with vinegar, it will stop. It's usually caused by a plug of wax that will come out when i do it. Well,,,i finaly got it done. This works a hundred times better than a prescription med i have used before. I was talking about having a list of things vinegar is good for, yesterday. LOL,,don't know where it is, but,,,i do have a list somewhere. Have a list for WD-40 too,,,somewhere.

If i ever find em, i'll try posting them here.

OMG,,,my son brought a video by last nite, and after i watched it, i called him and told him,,won't be able to sleep tonite!,,And i didn't either. I had told him i would try to put it on Youtube, but,,,right before i uploaded it,,,i stopped!! Thot, NO WAY,, You'll know why when i tell you. He has another 29" coral snake in an aquarium,, and he's filming it, and notices that it is shedding it's skin! Amazing,,,,It goes just fine for me,,,UNTIL he reaches in there and PICKS UP THAT THING! With his bare hand!!! Lets it crawl around on his hand,,,and arm. Gosh, getting kinda upset again right now. He does that several times. I think he filmed this last fall, before i told him about there being no more anti venum for coral snakes here in the US. And i think my g/dotter helped do the filming. I can't put that on Youtube. I don't want someone seeing that and thinking it's ok to handle them, then get bit. NO WAY, i tell ya. The last part was a chicken snake, drinking. Forever. He told me later it drank for about 45 minutes, because they go so long in between. Now,,that one's ok, might just put that one on Youtube. Has anybody seen a snake drinking?,,,I never had.

What do yall think?

I just about died laughing when i opened DDs blog. hahahaha,,It's contagious!

Yall tc, and



  1. I like the fact that snakes eat rodents, but I give them a wide berth. When I lived in NC I had a beautiful little garden off my back deck, and always kept red geraniums & white petunias in it. When I found a small snake in it I just quit doing flowers and let the snake take it over.

  2. lolol Gypsy,,that was one of the good ones. It ran, didn't it? hahahaha

  3. Coral snakes do not have fangs. They have hollow teeth that inject the poison but they have to chew on you and they can't bite through clothing and have a small mouth. They are not too dangerous, but must be respected.

  4. DD, they can bite on smooth skin. A man from here was bitten on the back of his shoulder. Barely made it to medical care.
    Posted the chicken snake one,,it's at: TROUBLEnTX1 videos, on utube.

  5. I don't do snakes even in pictures if I can help it. I know they do good with eating rats and nasty things like that, but all the same can't stand them. And living here in the desert you see them way to often for me.