Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too Much Time

Well, nothing worked on my fixing yesterday.  Still have 2 bubbles, where i should have one.  And the numbers i put into a scanner never said a word. 

Sure got a lot of  "comment removed by arthur" yesterday, lol.  Have no idea what that was. 

Don't have any plans for today, but i think i'm going over to Marble Falls tomorrow grocery shopping.  I have a long list, kinda my monthly trip.  It's supposed to be pretty warm too.  Be a good day to be out.  When i went out to the park yesterday, it was cold, and wet.  And did NOT see those geese anywhere.  Had a 1/2 loaf of old bread for them, so i will try again today.  I'm still seeing several cranes.  They stay below the bank as much as possible, and when they fly, it's just barely above the water.  I'm never close enough to get pics.  Think i already told ya, tho, i'm not much on taking pics.  Never was.

I think we got about .8 rain.  Not anything like DDs.  Can't wait to see pics of his swamp, back full again.  He has lots of "happy frogs",, Might even have a crawdad or 2,,,Gosh, i remember when i was a kid and caught those using a piece of bacon tied on a string.  Up there around Paris Tx, they had pools.,,, down here, the ranchers have tanks. lolol,,same thing.  Up there, it was mud, lots of those crawdads.  My son said long ago, he would see some in the river, but,,,like the fresh water oysters, and lots of other things, they have disappeared.  Way too much toxins in it. 

I'm spending way too much time on this, trying to think of something to write about, so,,,not gonna any more.  Most of my days are about the same, and what do you do with that?,,, That's my problem.  Sooo,,,yall tc, and



  1. We used to have horned toads everywhere around here, but no more.
    Take some fresh cabbage to the geese...they LOVE it.


  2. When I was about 15 I went to my brother in law's sister's farm with him and my sister. They had just bought a brand new 62 Chevy II and wanted to try it out. There was a large pond on that farm and it was brimming with crawdads and my bro in law decided we'd catch a bunch and take them back to the city and sell them to restaurants. Don't remember what we had on the strings, but it worked very well. We had three large feed sacks of them by that evening so my bro in law tied up the bags an threw them in the trunk before we headed home.

    It was late when we got home and he forgot about the crawdads in the trunk. Matter of fact we all forgot about it for several days until you couldn't get within 10 feet of the car without the smell knocking you down. I got paid real well for trying to get that mess cleaned up, but it was weeks before you could stand to be in that car with the windows up.

  3. Yeah, loved the horny toads, used to sometimes stake a baby one in my flower bed with a strip of thread. For a while. Like you, dont see them now, but do still see the doodle bugs. have a lot under my carport.

    LMAOOO,,,tffn, yep, woulda been a smell.

  4. Heck no, on that cabbage,,,hahahaha i love it too much myself!

  5. I got lots of doodle bugs, have to have sandy soil for them. My buddy did the same thing like David's story only it was fish bait.

  6. I think a lot of us are in the blogging doldrums lately. I guess we just have to wait it out and something will come along for us to talk about.

    I need to do my monthly grocery shopping but I'm nearly flat broke! I just realized "Oh Lord, I have 20 days to go until I get more $".

  7. All those deletes were from me. LMAO I couldn't get the comment to post so I slammed the stupid mouse and then there were many comments sorry.

  8. Hahahahaha Jojo!!

    Yep, Gypsy, have to wait on that,,,don't we. Big list by then.

    DD we used to see how small a doodle bug we could catch. Those tiny ones are HARD. We never harmed them tho.