Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Back, Aren't You Glad? lololol

Darn it, HJ, our timing is off.  You post at nite, i read it the next morning.  But what's bringing this up, is,,i was asking where those mushrooms were native to.  I've never seen anything like em, and would love to have some just to look at, they're so beautiful.

 And since i doubt if you see my comment on your blog today, i have to tell you, those Firecrackers went VIRAL here!  lololol.  My dotter called last nite, said something about Firecrackers,,and of course, i had no idea what she was talking about, i didn't take firecrackers to g/dotter's house,,,Well ,,,, i did,,,the cracker kind,,,hahahahaha,,Everybody LOVES em!!!.  Dotter works for the largest employer here, and when she made some and took them to work, she had to make copies of the recipe all day!!...She had made a double one.  Just want to thank you again, for putting that on your blog.

And, about that other comment... joking.  lol,,had to say that.  I always had PMS, but that was before it was a diagnosed thing,,,Knew it would be there, knew it would go away, so was never a problem.

DD, i've learned to ignore the things said about all the stuff i like, eventually they will say the opposite,,right?  Didn't make it long enough to hear em say cigarettes were good for you,,but,,,sure did try.

Why am i still sitting here, not doing my do today?,,,

Yesterday, i was in the front room at my desk top, and smelled gas.  Got up to look, and sure enough, my heater was out.   It's supposed to have all these safety things built in.  When it used to do this, there wasn't a smell of gas.  And that was caused by lint that needed cleaning out, that fixed the problem.  The only thing i had noticed was, the pilot light (3" flame) sputters all the time, always has, and is right in front of the burner.  Yesterday, it wasn't making any noise at all.  Maybe when i walked by, just that made it go out.  Sooo,,,i aired the house out, relit it, and watched it the rest of the day.  Wasn't sure what to do when i went to bed, but ended up leaving it on.  lol, Didn't go to sleep for a long time, and got up to look a couple of times.  It was fine.  Still is, so i don't have any idea what happened.  It has a clean flame, no yellow, nice and blue, so, i'm just gonna see what happens.

Guess i'm gonna get moving, at least for a bit.  Yall tc, and



  1. Nice to see the longer more chatty post! Goldie

  2. gosh, somehow i got disconnected, couldnt post here. sometimes, just dont have anything to say, and sometimes, just need a day off.

  3. I would not go to sleep with that stove buning if it is acting up. Do you have a gas detector in your home? If not, get one!!! It might prevent you from having a long, long sleep.

  4. Those Carbon detectors are really cheap. A few years ago some jerk from American Home Matainance told me I needed a new furnace at the cost of 5 grand. I threw him out and called someone else. He said there wasn't a thing wrong but to please buy a detector and even installs them in homes that he has replaced the heater in. That was about 4 yrs ago and my heater is still working. Boy that was a long story for a short to do.
    I'm going to bed.

  5. will do yall. It's still doing fine. And so is my dryer.