Saturday, October 8, 2011

Game Day l..l

OMG,,,can't sleep!,, Can't get on my stomach, that pushes up anything from it, then sometimes i burp or something, and wake up coughing.  Don't stop til i get up.  I put another pillow under me, raising up my head, maybe not enough.    My doc thot i might have to call my surgeon doc and ask about this.  I'm gonna pile up pillows tonite.  I'm also taking an over the counter thing for acid reflux, but takes 4 days to take effect.  Finally have gotten to the right place with my lapband, now this.  Gonna nap a lot today.

HOOK EM HORNS!!!  Game with OU coming on at 11:00.  Got a McCoy back in there quarterbacking, with a Shipley receiver.  Among others. lol.  I remember being on interstate 35 one time the day before this.  You've never seen anything like it.  1000s of kids and cars headed up there.

Been sitting here at my table watching lite showers come by.  Very very lite.  But it's wet.  DD, i bet u don't get a drop down there.  But,,i'll keep something crossed.

The 2 men got my storm door on yesterday.  Don't feel like doing pics today, but will later.  Not even up to a shower yet,,,,so hold ur nose. lol.

OK nap time,,,probably bbl.


  1. Hope you get feeling better. Maybe you should cosider getting it removed and if you need to, go on a diet. Will power is better than pain and possible other medical problems, like choking to death in the middle of the night. You don't want to wake up dead. . .

  2. Hmmmm, game not going too good. Keep reminding myself, UT is always a 2nd half team.

  3. Too bad about UT. I expectected a great game, so embarrassed!

  4. Lol,,me tooooo. Gave it up about the start of the 4th, napped.