Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Got Friends in ,,,,PARKS

They know me, hear my car and come running or swimming to check me out.  FOOD? lol
We have overflow!  Been a long time.  This is the dam at the city park, 2 miles W. 
It’s not just me that feeds them, tho, I see a lot of ppl doing it.  They surrounded me, then did all their cleaning, went to sleep, just like a cat would.  I love to just go out there and watch the wildlife, and read.  Lots of squirrels too.  There were 3 different kinds of ducks yesterday, but the others were too far to get a good pic.
When I do the blog on this, windows live writer, it corrects all spelling, puts caps where needed,  and does lots I don’t do.  Like that cap I,,, I didn’t do that. lololol
Tonite there’s a new 48 hours mystery about a murder that took place in Austin, more than 20 years ago.  I remember it.  I will either watch it or record it for later.  OMG,, a few years ago, this man over in Burnet and his wife, faked his death by digging up a body out of a cemetery, putting it in his car, wrecking and burning it.  The worst thing, it would have worked if she hadn’t started going to Austin to see him.  hahahaha,,,This was on one of those shows last year I think, too.  They both got time for that!
OOO Boy!! By next Tuesday, gonna need heat around here.  Got a real cold front headed this way.  Guess I’ll dig out a quilt to add on.
Catch yall later, brunch time.


  1. That guy that faked his death, was it to collect insurance money? If his wife was visiting him, it must not have been to get away from her.

  2. yep they took out a huge policy before this happened.
    Don't remember a whole lot of the details, but he changed his appearance and all, and it seems like it was quite a long time before they were caught. You might can look it up, they lived in Burnet, she was a beautician.Would be somewhere in the archives of the