Friday, October 7, 2011

Think I'm Recovering

How u like it?  Was reading about the changes in blogger, got into this.  I'll take a vote, like or not.

Lots lots better today.  In fact i woke up about 3.30, and in a bit, got up, paper was here, made coffee.  lol
After all that, went back to bed for a bit. 

DoT,,that's u, daughterof texas.  I did mention why i didn't post to ur blog, having to fill out too much private info, and it's because u don't use  You and 2 others.  That's why u can't post to ours.  Plz come join us.  As concerning ur age and career, that's about when i got into home health care, and it became my favorite of all the things i had done.  Sure beat sitting  behind the same desk, in the same chair, for 40 hours a week.  You can get just a short training to become a cna, and increase the pay, or go a little longer and become an lvn, which is really good pay in the field.  There's all kinds of jobs in the medical field that would require a little training and age would have nothing to do with it. 

Get out of there BB, u have to, if u can't blog u know.  Can't catch fish, can't blog, geeezzz,,,can't fix Bubba Boat,,cmon...

OOO YEAH!!! Almost forgot to mention these bugs we have called the kissing bug.  You'll welcome bedbugs,,,over these.  They are blood suckers too, but can cause this Chagas disease, and that's NOT GOOD.  I've seen em around here, but don't think i've been bitten by one.

The article was too long to post here, but look it up.  Also called cone nosed beetle.

OK drawing a blank, gettint tired, maybe bbl. 



  1. Had a few of them try to get in my screened porch. They are no longer with the world.

  2. I didn't know the damage they could do.

  3. I deal with them all the time in the summer here. Fortunately I haven't seen any in a while.