Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yep My Kitchen




My Mom was just horrified I was gonna replace these REAL WOOD cabinets, lololol,,,soooo, we spent at least 3 weeks taking 5 layers of paint off.  Then my bro G asked what color I was gonna paint them, I told him red,,,and of course, he said “WHAT?”  he never had any taste,,,hahahahaha

There’s not a whole lot of them, but,,there they are, and it’s enough for me.  I took that chefrobe? and made the huge pantry, adding shelving.

I tried and tried to add this to my post today, but could NOT get the pics there.  Got tired of messing with it, so here an add-on, mainly wanted Gypsy to see them.

Got my brunch done, now,,,if I could make myself get in that shower, ,,,,,,,HUSH!  I heard you,,,, lmaooooo.


  1. Dang, no matter how hard I try, I just can't get away from home remodeling :) What the hell is a chefrobe T?

  2. Nice looking cabinets. Like Hobo, what is a chefrobe? Could that be an apron, you know a chef's robe. . .

  3. It's a closet thing, holds hanging clothes, had a shelf in the top. You use one when there's no closets like, in a bedroom. I just redid this one, making a very large pantry, which is full, BTW. lol

  4. Well well, it must be a Texican sort of thing, my Mom has two identical microwaves, little one on top just like yours.

  5. Top is my toaster oven, used over and over every day. I even have a spare in case this one ever quits!

  6. lol If u look closely, you will see it was on when i took the pic.