Friday, October 21, 2011

WTH is a Blog Feed????

OK, now i'm stumped,,WTH is a blog feed?  Is that why i've been stuck like Hobo, too?  I looked at my settings and have no idea what that blog feed is.   And maybe i have it, who knows?    

Gonna try to get my front door facings painted while i can open the house.  Still not able to do very much, but think i should be able to do that, no more time than it will take.  Gonna use foam brushes, so i can just throw them away.  Besides, they do a smoother job.  Today and all weekend will be perfect.  Not smoking any more, my house has stayed so clean.  When i quit, i had a man doing repainting inside, so all of it is still new looking.  Never realized how dirty, greasy cig smoke was. 

My niece, one of them, came by yesterday selling stuff for their class of '13,  and after looking for a long time, found some cheese balls i had been missing.  I had no use for cookies, candles, ornaments, etc, but,,,cheese  balls,,,YEAH.  Good snacky stuff.  lololol,,,just realized i don't know when i;ll get them.  O well, i've been snacking on cream cheese with onion and garlic,,,on ritz, good stuff.

This is gonna be short short, today, gotta finish my book that i couldn't last nite,  my eyes would NOT work long enough.  lolol,,,I get to 10 PM,,i shut down.  Forced it til 10;30, but,,,hahahaha,, wasn't able to get those last 20 or so pages read. 

So,,,yall HAGD,,,, might bb later.


  1. Ok, what the hell is a blog feed? Seems like old Hobo know, but he ain't tell'n.
    I got me some them cheese balls on time. Ate up all them in one sit'n. Was sick for a week.

  2. Yea, I put somethin up about that BB. By the way, your link ain't there on your follower picture. Course, you're famous already so it probbly' don't matter in your case.

  3. Well, BB, Hobo said mine is right, but i still don't know wth it is. hahahahaha. Down on the bottom of this, it says create a link,,,right? And when ur creating one, there's that line right under ur title, for a url link,,,oooo mercy,,,lmaoooo,,,think Hobo has created havoc ,,,, hahahahahaha

  4. Hobe don't 'splain stuff very clear, but i done figger it out. But you surely don't want me to 'splain it to ya.