Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Ol Monday,,,Again

Got one door done Saturday.  Took 'til about 3, and i had some things i needed to do, so we were both glad to agree to do the other one next Saturday.  That will be the storm door.  I absolutely love my new one, with the windows on top.  Not sure what i'm going to put over them, but that's ok for now too.

 Hobo, i've found out i had rather pay by the hour.  It's higher paying by the job.  This is the same, but i'm paying by the job. lolol. Costing more.  But u know what, i'm sure not complaining, knowing what they had to go thru to make that door fit.  Maybe the storm door won't be too bad, since i had one put there way back.  The north wind hit it so hard a year or so ago, when i had company coming in thru it, it broke and even pulled out the closer thingy from the door jamb.  I'm having them put on a chain this time, to help with that.

Got out already and did a couple of errands, paid my utility bill.  It was down about 30.00 this month.

I'm really hating to keep reading that Texas might be in a drought 'til 2020.  Had enough!!!  Bro G told me yesterday that the reason our river has been lots higher was because they have made places quit pumping out above us, for private uses that don't comply with the drought conditions.

Gotta go to Austin tomorrow, but not leaving 'til around lunch time or so.  Apt is at 2:30.  Going with Sue.  She had her band loosened a few weeks ago, needs to check in.  I need mine tightened some.  I always enjoy the trips with them.  We're just going down there for that, and coming right back.  Yeaaaaa.  I  never have any reason for other stops, and it makes for a long trip when others do.  But,,i'm with them, won't complain.

Ok, time to do SOMETHING,,, eat for one thing,,not sure what.  Guess i'd better get up and look, see what i can find.



  1. Mebbe think of putting up an outside wooden shutter door to cover the glass in your door and make it more storm proof. And ensure that the glass you install is toughened, so that, if it breaks, it breaks in chunks, not shards. The glass will cost slightly more, but chunks can't cut, shards can slice through you.

    Would love to see some photo's of t'door :)

    And mebbe add a bolt or two, not just a chain...?

    As far as water is concerned - have you considered / can you, use water tanks at the end of your rain gutters. Won't last the whole of summer, but may help a bit. Even "dewy" nights produce some water which you could save.

  2. Don't pay any attention to that weather predicting 9 years into the future T. They don't what the weather will be next weekend.

  3. Dani, will post a pic later, and have just ordered magnetic blinds. The inside door will have the storm door on the outside, plus being on my front porch, no need for further.
    Wish i did have some water tanks, rain gutters, but don't. House will just have to wait for next owner,,lol. These doors are my last project.

    Don't we know it, Hobo. I do pay a little bit of attention during the fall and winter, tho.

  4. My camera is always in the opposite place i need it, car or house. Need 2! lol

  5. Yes to pics....should always post pics of projects.....and fish.

  6. I'm with BB, post pics of both projects and caught fish.