Friday, May 24, 2013


lol, and don't know why it matters any more.

Doc told me I have bursitis and put a shot there.  I was so glad it wasn't arthritis.   I've had it before, years ago, in my shoulder.  What I get for pitching softball all those years.  Fast pitch.  She offered me vicodin and I turned it down,  asked for a milder one.  So,,,got tramadol,,,and just one does about the same!,,,And,, I could take 2 if needed!  Had to laugh when I told  my nephew about the vicodin,,,,he couldn't believe it.  I walked by this kid in a wheel chair, and when I turned back around he said, Hey,,,,and it was him...  Just sitting in that, cause he could I guess.  He was there for a knee, and told to see a specialist.

Don't know if it was the tramadol, or the 2 corn dogs I ate for supper, but something made me really sick.  Carried a bucket around until just a while ago.  Ate tums.  Seems better now, so I took another pill,,,now i'll know.

Heard it thundering almost all nite.  No rain yet, but still a maybe.  And,,,it was thunder I just heard, again.  Bring it on!

Since the finales on most of my shows on tv,,,now there's nothing on!  Not last nite, nor tonite.  Not even any movies to record.  Some of the ones I've recorded from HBO, or Cinemax, are horrible.  Give me Hallmark or Lifetime,,lol.  Those others don't even make sense.

B is cooking tomorrow, and g/dotter, Sunday.  Lots of good food coming up for the weekend.  So here's hoping yall have as good a weekend as I do, and tc,



  1. Rain coming down NOW.... lots!

  2. That will make the grass grow and then you will have to cut it.

    1. Grass doesn't grow near as fast as my weeds,,,,

  3. I am glad you went to the doctor and were checked out.

    I could not help but think of my neighbor when you mentioned Vicodin and glad you turned it down. She is 65 years old and has been hooked on prescription medication for at least 10 years. She is asleep more than she is awake.

    Even when she is awake she is in lalala land and it all started with Vicodin. Even sadder that she has two sons that are policemen yet they don't do anything to get her in rehab.