Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OMG!! Made it Another Year,,,

Besides that, I feel like I can make it another one,,,lol.

Whew, got my pot of deer chili on,, took a while.  Had to cut the meat up smaller, chop all the onions, get it all together in the pot... Just in time for this little front that came in a while ago.

I didn't have TOO much trouble figuring out how to save all my 2012 posts, so I got that done too.  I put the 2011 on a flash drive, and will do the same with these.  For some reason, it left off Jan. 2012 so I had to add that one month by itself.  They are all in documents ready to put on the flash drive now.

OK,,now,,my welcoming in the New Year,,,lol.  I sure didn't plan on it.  My bro B hosted the annual 100.00 entry poker game at his house,  and NO, I didn't play, but did go "observe",,, There were 8 to start with.  After a couple of hours, they started losing out, so when it got down to 5, someone asked if I wanted in, and so I did,,,started with 20.00,,,hahahaha,,,Guess I got the GOOD chair, cause I kept hitting winners.  I was probably up  a hundred before I started going down, but,,i just had to quit about 9, after all, i'm old,,don't do late nites any more,,,hahahaha.  It was so foggy I could barely see coming home, hated the thot of all the partyers out.  I watched some more of my movie,,lol, well, it's a 3 1/2 hour one,,,The Patriots, went to bed about 10.30.  Could NOT go to sleep, finally got back up at almost midnite, and finished my movie, AND ,,, heard the pops going off at midnite.  Knew i'd made it,,,it was officially 2013!  O yeah, I won 34.00.  My niece kept saying,,it's not fair...She had been way up til I started,,,lolololol.  I don't know how it turned out yet, haven't talked to any one today.

J has NOT brought me a plate of that pot roast he promised me!  After all, it was made by my instructions,,,

Ok,,it's that time,,,so,,,
                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR  

and tc,



  1. Gotta love them poker games. Nice clean fun and ya don't get hurt bad if'n ya lose. Good ya had a great evening. Happy new year from Billy Bob's house to yours.

  2. I have never tasted deer chili but bet it turned out good.

    One of these days you are going to have to do a post on how to save posts and comments. I sure would like to learn.

    Happy 2013!!!

    1. Goodness! I clicked on the year at the top, picked something that said save etc, maybe r clic,, and gave it the name and it all went to docs.

      Deer chili the bestest!

  3. Oh my, I so love venison in chili or plain or any way.

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    2. Geez,, I just erased my reply,,lol. I totally agree. Mother would ask for the neck and make a pot roast that was sooo good. Lots of meat on it too. Also, ribs basted with peanut oil and grilled,,