Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rules of the House


If you sleep on it… make it up

If you wear it… hang it up

If you drop it… pick it up

If you eat out of it… wash it

If you spill it… wipe it up

If you turn it on… turn it off

If you open it… close it

If you move it… put it back

If you break it… repair it

If you empty it… fill it up

If it rings… answer it

If it howls… feed it

If it cries… love it

These are rules we grew up with, and then so did my kids.  Even had a group of boys go out my front door one time, and the last one out, left the door open, and one of the others, friend of my sons, turned around and came back and shut it, and never even realized he did,, he had to do the rules too.,,,,lolololol.  Mine told their company,, take your plate, glass, and stuff to the kitchen, or Mom will make you clean the whole table.  They learn realll fast,,,lol.

J went off to pick up sandwiches, and guess he’s not coming back!  I knew I should have done it. 

Called, said in a minute,,we’ll see.

Yall tc, and