Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Darn Fish in TX

Sure late today, getting this done.  Was reading the blogs, and my phone rang, was my friend, Sue, saying come on over for fish!!!,,,Didn't have to say it twice,,i was up and gone.  Best darn fish i've eaten in years.  Catfish, caught out of Lake Buchanan, and NOT filleted.  It's just better cooked on the bone.  So,,i ate,,,and i ate,,sat there a while with her, too,,and we ate some more. lololol.  We both have the lap band, and can't eat much, have to eat slow.  With that fish, tho,,was her home made rolls, (best ever), and a crock pot of beans with ham bone.  YUMMMM.  Plus a few left overs from Thursday.  Like slaw, jello/cool whip thingy.  They had even cooked the TAILS!!! OMG,,,I ate at least 3 of those.   She ate one later, and went, yummmmmm,,,so i'm not sure if she had ever eaten them.  Some had been filleted, but not close, so those bones were cooked too, and that was what i was eating,,had the tail on the pieces i got.

I needed a nap so bad, but,,,not this late.  So i'm sitting here, barely able to keep my eyes open. 

Saw where BB is ON THE WAY!....Wind will blow him down here fast.  I'm like that too, why wait??,,,Said he had everything ready when he first posted.  That traveling is lots better than sitting there waiting to leave.  Gonna miss his posts tho.

Gonna go out to the park, check up on the,,,they know me, come running, like i have food.  I do take some when i have it.

Yall tc,,and


  1. Boy howdy, not that's the way to cook cat fishes. Love 'em that way and I also eat tail an' all if'n it's crisp. Do my bluegill the same way.....yummm yum yum.

    I just couldn't sit there all day wait'n fot tomorrow, but don't get me wrong, I knows how.

    Ain't been no wind all the way to Van Horn. Fill the gas tank plumb to the top. Gonna be good for another 500 mile or so.

  2. I've never eaten catfish any other way than cooked whole, along with hush puppies made by my mother-in-law. Food for the gods!

  3. Where I grew up, they didn't have channel cats, nor blue cats, etc., just those dang mud cats and they were not worth eating, unless you liked the taste of mud and yuck. Didn’t have any good catfish until I moved to Texas.