Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love These Bloggers, Can Make My Day

I had to laugh til i had tears, over those comments on yesterday's blog...lolololol.  BB and Hobo are truly fun people.  (And don't take me serious, TG)...

And Hobo, i really do remember that blog,,just had to say that. hahahahaha,,you know,,senile, at my age.  Well, half the time anyway.  hahahahaha.

It rained sometime last nite, i heard it, but didn't know what time it was, and don't know how much we got.  It was raining hard, and i just turned over and went back to sleep.  DARN,,need a rain gauge.   Wind's blowing pretty good now, out of the N.  Got my wind chimes singing.

BB was talking about his declawed cat.  Made me remember the first siamese i bought.  It was in Round Rock, and we stopped there on the way back from Austin.  The kittens were 8 weeks old and the lady told us it had had a bath, and it's nails clipped.  My 14 yr old son, muttered to me, that'll be the last time!!  We got the runt female, without the papers, i wasn't interested in that, just wanted the siamese.  (They raised show cats).  Well, anyway,,,we named her Sassy, and from that day forth, if she was in the bathroom with me, and i turned the tub water on,,she WAS GONE.  One time she was on my lap when i was painting my nails, and kept sticking her nose in,,so,,i painted hers!,, lololol,,From that day on, i just opened that bottle,,she WAS GONE.  Same with the water gun,,i used when she was really bugging me, runing under my feet with me trying to cook, tripping on her.   A one time shot was all i ever got,,just pump once,,gone.

Had that same blood line for years and years.  2 of them were the smartest cats i ever had, or saw.  One had cancer, and then his son,, just disappeared.   Just about killed me to lose him.  I know someone stole him.  He's the  one that would follow you like a dog.

My couch and chairs always had stuffing showing on the front of the arms.  But,,my cats kept their claws!  Now there's a spray to use to keep them off and it works.  I even put scratching posts in front of the couchs or chairs,,didn't work.  My little Jude is a good kitty, he doesn't do that.  He's so mild mannered.

No plans on for today,,and i know it's Saturday too!!,,(already looked). lololol.  Right now i need to get up from here and make a move.  Look like i'm doing something, u know.  Hear Jude knocking, wanting back in.

Yall tc,,and


  1. Remind me to tell ya some time bout the cat from eyes under the couch.

  2. Coyotes love cats and small dogs. It is dangerous to let them out at night. A friend of mine that lives about 4 miles from me lost a couple dogs to coyotes.