Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just Aint Here

WELLLLLL,,, I know i said i was gonna get some pics of the madhouse here, yesterday.  AND, i went out, camera in hand,,(well, on the seat beside me),,and there was NOTHING!!!  And get this!!!, Just a few vehicles at the favorite bar in town!  Regular number of customers at the grocery, and dollar store.  This is a first in my whole life!  Is everybody in the world suffering in this economy?  Did the drought have anything to do with it?,,,Gosh,,beats me.  If i find out what's going on, i will post it for sure.

Dug out leftovers for lunch, yuk.  Little bit of chili, 1/2 of a bar b q bun.  Still trying to think of SOMETHING that sounds good to eat.   Late yesterday, bacon and eggs did sound good, but didn't want to wait to cook them.  lol.  Anybody have any ideas?  Cmon,,tell me something.  Limited choices here on take out, or dining out.  Overrun with barbq places.  After this bun, might not want that for a year! hahahaha  Good thing i've got an iron stomach.

Been changing clocks since i got up.  Now i don't know what the real time is.  Mercy.  Every time i look, i have to think,,,did i set that one or not?  MAIN one is on my coffee pot.  Just set it, now do i need that little red dot by the 12, or not?  Wow, a window just popped up with the clock on it, for this laptop.  How neat is that?  Said it would reset tonite.

Found a new blog, well ,,for me,, to follow,,Occupation of Independence.  Why i'm so late today, was reading back on it.  First, he said he was alone,,no dogs, no nothing, then,,he has 2!,,Gonna try to find where he changed his mind and came up with them.  Curious now.

Ok,,yall tc, and of course,


  1. Howdy MS TT,
    Just found you off of BillyBob's Blog and thought to myself, self go read that lady's blog; she sounds interesting.. Shore enuff you are.. I don't know for sure when BB's natal day is but he must be a Scorpio; hez such a mess!! Mine just blew past AGAIN for the 76th time.. They're getting closer together I reckon, 'cause from here on itz all downhill.. I can't buleve anybody from Yano is a 'rocker & roller' except on roller skates, but maybe you got shanghied to Austin or Dallas and got corrupted.
    You've gotta be kiddin' about the barbeque;in
    Yano?? Do they have REAL BBQ or just do a lotta advertising?? There must be a place around there that serves the STATE of TEXAS #1
    food, CHICKEN-FRIED STEAK!!! with cream gravy, red beans, onions and coleslaw!!! with peach clobber for dessert!!! Keep the kitty warm,
    ourz does the same thing, and watch out for the two-toned kitties with the fluid drive.. They
    come up our porch and eat the dogs food.. He don't mind, 'cause it don't eat much...

  2. WOW Butterbean, where do i start?,,,I was hot on roller skates too, lololol. That first Rock around the Clock, all it took to corrupt me. And,,aint u heard,,we have COOPERS,,best dam bar b q ever. Gotta admit, probably true. Yeah, Burger Bar has darn good chicken fry, and it was sounding kinda good, earlier.
    Thx for dropping in,,good to hear from ya,,come back any time,,,