Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That Day, EVE

Gosh, don't wanna cook in the morning.   I don't get my get-up-n-go til i've been up a good while.  So, that means i gotta do all the prep and get those potatoes cooked before noon.  A few years ago, i decided to make this HUGE pot roast, and i cook the meat with some seasonings on top of the stove in my waterless cookware, in it's own juices, before u put it and all the veges together and bake them in the oven, still, very little water.  The taste is unreal.  My bro loves it so much, he does it now.  (hates turkey).  Way back, i would do a brisket on my smoker, to get something besides turkey.  YUMMMM.  An aunt and uncle were with us one year, said they were gonna buy a smoker as soon as they got home,,,lololol.  Mine was electric, u got it all set up, plugged it in, went back and took it off.   I also did capons,,back when the kids could still raise them.  They don't do that any more.  For FFA.  We would have some left over, made for gooood eating. 

Saw that recipe for minestrone soup on rvsue's blog, gonna sure try that one of these days.  lolo,, means grocery shopping.  Love boiled cabbage, so i can use the other half too.  Not much cooking either,,, lololol,,,my kind of recipe.  uh,,,hate to tell off on myself, but,,,during my purge on spices, i also found this bag of noodles,,that when i moved it, powder kept pouring out!,,,hahahahaha.  What a mess.  Bugs had a good time in there,,,lmao.  Last time i went thru the cans, some were stuck to the shelf...From leaks!  OMG,,gonna do that today!  Might find some of that stuff for the soup, that would still be good.  Yall trust me on this?  hahahahaha.  Haven't eaten anything that killed me yet.

Gosh, was a major effort to get my 2 pans out, to cook the potatoes in.  I can get them lined with foil, today.  Been a long time, using big pans. 

Ok, been just killing time,,putting off, but really need to get a move on, at least a little.  Yall tc,, and


  1. PS,, UPDATE,,, 1 leaking can, 2 more bad, brand new bottle catsup, out of date 09,(well, was way in back). couple of other things,,
    Gonna use 4 or 5 more to make that, lots more space.

  2. Sometimes ya just confuse the liv'n hell out me with all them HRT, gik, duh abbreviations you use.
    Now, what the hell is a capon???

  3. It's a fixed chicken,,,lololol,,,Clipped,, then all they do is eat, get huge. Eunuchs..

  4. It is so much simpler to just make a big salad. That is what my wife and I prefer.

  5. Fixed chicken??? Ya mean like spaded or neutered??? Never hear such nonsense.

  6. yep, that's what it is. my kids were outa hi school when they quit doing it. The teacher would come by and clip them.
    Some got so big they couldn't walk. They were entered into the FFA, FHA stock show. Lots of money given for placing.