Friday, November 11, 2011

What A Great Day


My son brought these by late yesterday.  I think he dyed em himself, I know he does that.


Yesterday was my BD,,,yeah, made it another decade.  My bro G came by and stayed for a couple of hours, which we both have always enjoyed.  Always something to talk about.  His BD was the 6th.  2 years younger than me.   My sis N called, and her dotter’s bd is today,,,isn’t that wonderful!!! 11-11-11!!!!  She’s 18.  Then later, my dotter, and g/dotter showed up.  OOOO,,,G/dotter brought me all this mexican food!! I will have eats all day today. lololol.  My dotter finally asked,,where are the flowers?,, I told her they were in there on the table, J had brought them by earlier.  She said noooo,,,the ones I ordered yesterday to deliver today… OOOPS,,,Somebody screwed up big time!!! She was ,,,uhhh,,,a little upset….or more….

OOOO Just went to the $ Store, got my niece a little something.  THEN, I cleaned out the water container outside!  OOOO,,,Still huffing and puffing,,have to scrub with a brush and soap to get rid of that green stuff.  Maybe now in the winter it won’t be there.  I tried to take some pics of my sparkling windows, but,,,just can’t get em to look the way I see them.  Everybody that has seen them, is gonna get some of that stuff.   They look like I hand washed them. Inside and out.  Was thinking of going to Walmart today, but after not sleeping much last nite, forget that.

X Factor turned out good.  Eliminated one I never voted for.  Again.  I recorded it, so I had it to watch later.

Just so yall know, YES,,,I know it’s Veterans  Day.  My bro was in Viet Nam, Da Nang,,way back there.  The one I was talking about, G.  Was a horrible time, for him,,and us,,Was nothing like the relief when he came home.  He was there when they were using agent orange.  He gets a little bit for his loss of hearing, but nothing for his eyes.  He has macular degeneration, and maybe was nothing to do with the agent orange. 

Gonna be a beautiful weekend.  Maybe get my Walmart trip over with tomorrow.  lolololo,,,Or,,maybe not. 

Ok,,time for that mexican food,,,got it warmed up.  Sooo,,,

Yall HAGD 







  1. Ain't it wonderful when someone remembers your birthday? Oh yeah....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For anyone to remember my birthday, I have to advertise....newspaper, know what I'm talk'n bout. Seem like the older ya get the less people remember. Hope that never happens to you....old gal.

  2. Okay, what is that stuff that makes windows sparkle? I love having clean windows, although you wouldn't know it to look at my car!

    Glad you had a happy birthday. I used to hate having birthdays, or anyone reminding me of mine. Now I am just grateful to live another year, lol.

  3. I put a pic of it on my blog of 10-27, Gypsy.
    BB, I made a BD a special day, it was YOUR day. Each kid got their choice of what to do, where to eat,,,etc.. on that day. My youngest always picked Burger King. lol Coulda had steak and lobster, and we ate burgers. hahahaha

  4. Burger King....umm huh....that what I would'a choose too over stink'n steak an' lobster.

  5. The other chose Poncho's...a mexican buffett, all u could eat.

  6. Happy belated Birthday. my friend!

    Looks like a lot of us Scorpios are here for another birthday celebration this year!