Saturday, September 10, 2011

It Really is Saturday

Sel,,hate to tell ya, but,,,still the same.  I just checked again, and u go to settings, then the comment tab.  Mine is set to anyone,,where ever you find that.  And word verification.  lol, that's all i remember.  GL!

When i woke up today, i cound not,,remember what day it was.  Finally figured out it had to be Saturday.  Verified that on this puter. hahahaha,,,joking. 

I have always been an avid reader.  I read when others watch tv, and get into books sometimes, that i just can't put down.  Hard to quit and go to bed.  Well, this one i told you about, the last one of the series of the Clan of the Cave Bear,,i'm sooo almost thru with it, and here i am,,blogging!!!  Just have about a 100 pages to read, and this book is on a waiting list, so no renewal, due by the 13th!.  Gotta stop and read the rest!  It's about 2" thick, heavy, hard to hold.  Going to finish that thang,,,TODAY!!  Just hide and watch.

Checked the river flow, still at 2cfs.  Now i can't decide if that's good or bad.  Can be either.  New readers,,,that's cubic feet per second.  I live in Llano, with the river flowing thru town, our only source of water.   Has to be above 12 for us to go back to stage 3, water rationing.  I'm expecting all outside watering to stop any time now.  We have been allowed once a week, by a hand held hose, just during certain hours, and i missed mine last Sunday.  On downstream from the Highland Lakes, they have finally woke up and started to do some too.  Then the fires came.  Mercy!!  Not good times in Texas now.  Yep, i could just get in that river and grab some of those fish. 

Wish i had some leftovers, darn it.  All i have is jello. lololol.  Means i have to do some kind of quicky cooking.  After Tuesday,,won't need to eat,,,much any way.  Get that band tight enough, can't.

BBL, maybe,,,HAGD


  1. Know what ya mean bout read'n them books and no TV. Only I read westerns, shoot'em ups, cowboys an' Indians....old west history by fictional writers.
    LOL, jello for lunch don't sound too appetiz'n, nor filling. I'm in the same boat, don't want to cook.

  2. I have some family named Wellhausen who lived in Llano on lake object. The had a beach cabin type home. I remember that they had neighbors who had some reply loud barking beagles. The owners had their barker taken out by the vet. After that they could only yip. Felt sorry for those babies.

  3. Well, at least the river didn't slow up any more. I can't figure out where it is getting its water from.

  4. Dug around, had 1 1/2 deviled egg, still some chicken salad too. And,,always have some potato salad, buy in cartons, that i like. My bro G won't have cable or satellite without the western channels. lolol,,and i won't read or watch em.
    Sel,,those poor dogs!,,Never heard of the bark collars? wow. Bad people.
    DD, bring up that link above, and u can see where our river comes from N fork, S fork, the S one is spring fed. They come together about Junction. The S one is where it's coming from.

  5. What you talkin bout Trouble. Aint no time for books and eating and such, we're bloggers. We aint got time for nothin. This aint really Saturday already is it? Dang, I thought it was like Thursday.