Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lingo Lesson #101

Wow,,didn't realize people didn't know all the new lingo.  Sometimes i just use ppl, for people.. Sooo,,,here goes:
lol=== laughing out loud
lmao== laughing my ass off
roflmao==rolling on floor laughing my ass off  (not gonna explain the lmfao,,,lolololol)
ty== thank you
BB==Billy Bob
That's all redneck lingo around here.  Was asked one time, wy (why) everybody was called by initials.  I don't know, they just are.
bbl-= be back later
cya,,,hahahaha,,,see you
If u (you) text, u use them, don't u?  I looked them (text language) up one time on google, and couldn't believe the list i got.  But those above r (are) the most used, and i've used them a long time in the game lobbys i'm in.  Never thot that ppl wouldn't know what they were, and thx for telling me.  SS (so sorry) about not realizing it.  You actually spell like it sounds 2.  lolol

That doesn't cover this snapping turtle hanging on my finger cause i was klutz this morning.  lololol,,,Think all those cat fish left, if they didn't they're trapped now.  Our river flow here in town was down to 2 yesterday.  NOT GOOD. 

I can really tell how dry it is, cause my hands r so scaly, can't keep enough lotion on em.  Looking out my back door, i'm seeing 2 hackberry trees with brown leaves, and not from frost either.  These r old trees, shouldn't be this way.  All i can do is hope IF there's ever any rain, they might still survive.  They aren't in my yard, but do shade it. 

Last nite, for some reason, got to thinking about all the good music i loved, in the past.  Well, Still do.  But it was and still is, the ol R&R classics, like AC/DC, ZZ, Nazareth, Janis Joplin, Credence, u know, all that good stuff.  O yeah,,Dr Hook and the Medicine Show,  one of the ones i loved from the first time i heard Marie Laveaux.  Well,,,My bro B was in high school, and i would make him tapes of Hook, and before u knew it, they were gone.  Just couldn't keep em...until,,,now get this yall, i labeled the LAST one as Mel Tillis!!!! hahahahah,,,And i say last, cause no one EVER touched that one!!! lmaoooo.  That was the party music,,and most couldn't be played on the radio, like,,Get Your Rocks Off, Penicillin Penny, Making it Natural, Freakers Ball.  I have em all on albums still.  Bought every one they made.  If u get down, just look em up on youtube,,,will make u laugh, pick u up. lololol.  Music always did that for me.  Not country tho, gets me down.  Cry in ur beer stuff.

Still nothing going on around here.  Might get back here later.  But, in the meantime, HAGD


  1. Dang Trouble, I gotta bookmark this page. My kids are always textin' me and I don't know what the hell their talkin' bout most of the time. Got their own language. Harder to understand than women I tell ya.

  2. lololol gotta talk tha talk,,,to walk tha walk

  3. BTW==by the way
    FYI== for your info

  4. My daughter has a poster she got from WM (ha,ha)that lists all the texting terms. It might be worth it to get one for my wall! BTW, you been noodling it sounds like...from what you've said,the river's low enough, you could probably just reach in a grab the fish. TC(yep, you can teach an old dog new tricks!)

  5. Tnx for the list. I do not, never did, nor ever will test. Had it turned off on my phone. My phones are for talking only!!! Now, we HAM's have a code inside a code when using Morse code. Like TNX for thanks and CUL for see you later, and a lot more.

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