Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm My Own Grandpa

Thot yall might like this, and have probably seen it before. Sounds kinda like my my family,,,,lololol


I’m My Own Grandpa

Many many years ago when I was 23

I got married to a widow who was pretty as can be

This widow had a grown up daughter

Who had hair of red

My father fell in love with her

And soon they were wed

This made my dad my son in law

And changed my very life

My daughter was my mother

For she was my father’s wife

To complicate the matters worse

Although it brought me joy

I soon became the father

Of a bouncing baby boy

My little baby then became

A brother in law to dad

And so became my uncle

Then that also made him brother

To the widow’s grown up daughter

Who, of course, was my step mother

Father’s wife then had a son
Who kept them on the run

And he became my grandson

For he was my daughter’s son

My wife is now my mother’s mother

And it makes me blue

Because although she is my wife

She’s my grandmother too

If my wife is my grandmother

Then I am her grandchild

And every time I think of it

It simply drives me wild

For now I have become

The strangest case you ever saw

As the husband of my grandmother


Still playing around with this, soo,,,
HAGD again,,,


  1. Where I come from, they just call that a family reunion.

  2. Good blog and good comment. I got a belly laugh out of that. I remember that song, but can't remember who recorded it.

  3. Yep Hobo,,was always fun at those, hearing aunts asking,,,"Now who does she/he belong to?"
    I know DD, was way back, and i didn't look it up, but do remember it.