Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rain Rain, Come THIS Way

Ol Jules is Good today.  lol.  Some of those i didn't even know.  A friend one time, told me his young son said he sure had a lot of friends, saw him doing those salutes to everybody, everywhere they went. 

Wellll,,,DD,,,YOU got some rain, but,,,,,,,,,like always, comes to city limits, then slides around one way or the other.  Sat there for hours, in the NW.   Could have driven 3 miles and got into it, and should have, my car needs cleaning.  lololol.  Also was in S part of county.  Just can't win for losing.  Haven't decided whether to water any today or not.

OOO BOY,,  When that new chicken place, Chicken Express, said hot wings, it meant HOT wings.  I got the 6, and they were huge.  3 were a meal, but had to smother them with potato salad each bite.  Just had the other 3 for lunch, thru with those.  No more.

Loved the Hermit's blog today, in fact, i kept it.  I always read the blogs before i post.  Lots of times, gives me fresh ideas for mine.  And u know i get a bigggg kick out of BBs and Hobos,,just wth is that man?  Can't do us this way, u know.,,,,Just ask DD.  hahahahaha.

Got a card in the mail yesterday from this little church, has always been mine, that the 60th reunion is coming up first weekend of Oct.  I remember going to the 50th,,,really surprised my Mom when i showed up and sat beside her...On Mother's Day, she always had the most kids in attendance,,,was 6 of us.  They had 3, and when we got to be teens, decided to have 3 more, how i came up with bro and sis, same age as mine.  Anyway, i sure plan on being there.  I was a member of it before that building became our church.  We had church in an old school house.  I helped paint the inside when i was like,,,12.  Then as the years went by, helped with lots of other projects too, (building).  I was the pianist for a couple of years, way back.  lol, didn't play like the book music.  Played with chords.  My blind piano teacher had taught me that.  Don't think i could even play chop sticks now.

Still don't know who is moving in next door.  An old blazer looking vehicle was there all nite, and still lots of others showing up with loads today.  Never saw any of those people before.  Just as long as they,,,she, is quiet, respects boundaries, we will be fine.  So far, no site of dogs or kids.  And DD,BB, not talking about YOUR kind of little dogs.  Talking about big ones, in pens, barking all the time.  Lol, Jude came in while it was quiet over there, but when he went running back out, he froze.  Heyyyy,,what is this?  Then he went slinking around the house, to hide and watch. hahahaha.



  1. I'm think'n Hobos sister done went an' set a fire under that boy. Say to him..."you get off'n your butt on that internet stuff, eat ya a bowl of Cheerios and get back to work on that bathroom".
    Ya don't rekon he done went out and got hisself another sunburn do ya?

  2. hahahahah Don't think he died on us? Worked to death?

  3. This is for Sel, u and the other few i follow that do not use blogspot,,,That's why u have to use an email address to make comments, which i won't do. I have been looking into this and that's what i've found. So, ss, but i do read them. Come join us in

  4. Another thot about Hobo,,,his sis threw that dam computer at him, broke it on his head, made a believer outa him. Poor thang, can't just up and run away,,he's over there in Hawaiiiiiii. Has to work,, to eat. hahahahaha