Friday, March 18, 2011

too much searching

man,,,do i ever have a gripe!!!, ive spent 2 days trying to figure out how to open eml files from where win 7 makes u put em to save from my emails, which is libraries, documents.   Well, i can open some of them but if i want to see an attachment, forget it!!  and the ones i can open, with a web site to go to,,,cant do that either!!!!.  these r files that were sent from outlook express, and win 7 uses windows live mail, and the 2 will NOT mesh.  after most of the day today, fooling with that crap, ive given up for today, anyway.  i get,,,can not open .eml files and ive tried all the other choices to use, nothing has worked.  not sure if i can dl oe r not, but thats where i stopped.  have a lot of patience but do get to the end, gotta let go.  even called dell, they wont help without a huge charge cause warranty is gone. 

Got a cardinal right out my door on my feeder.  they live here all the time, and ive been hearing babies from somewhere, not sure if its them r not.  gotta go out with my spray n get rid of yellow jackets, n maybe some red wasps too.  the red wasps arent aggressive so i leave them pretty much alone, but those others ,,,will not have, mean little cusses.  after being chased twice by those yellow jackets and stung, just going out my door,  i accidently saw them going to bed late one day, just under a shelf within  a foot of my back door.  waited til dark and boy, did they ever get it.  my son told me, mom, i wouldve come n got em if u had told me, and i told him,,,twice for noooo reason was enough for me.  he uses all kinds of things for show  n tell.  After that 2nd sting, looked on internet and used the #1 rated suggestion, and it worked!!!.  Just put a penny on a sting, hold for 10 minutes.  There was no pain, no swelling after that,  just totally amazing.  That first one had hurt for 2 days, and my whole hand had swollen up.  Then the itching. 

The house next door is for sale now, and im sure dreading what might show up.  Its on 3 lots, with 9 more behind it, but not included.   Dont want a bunch of bratty kids, and sure dont want dogs.  This is and always has been, a very quiet neighborhood, and i sure hope it stays that way.  Well, after that bunch of druggies had to move from across the street, and just down the street.  My oldest bro lives just down the other way, 1/2 a block from me.  Theyve been there about 30 years.

hey, its TGIF!!!  Had a friend way back, was a big dj in Austin, and on Fridays, he had a 5 oclock whistle time.  It was the beginning of his party time too. lol  Then he headed up this way.  Finally bought a place out west, still in this county.  Hes djing on a small station in marble falls now.

ok, enough rambling,,,cya later

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