Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fishing???,,,uh,,,,,ummm,,,, welll

ok, im back.  for now anyway.  and Kathie, when i made a comment on ur blog, it printed my real name, so i took it off.  dont know what to do about that, will check my google account.  just dont like my name published to everyone cause its kinda one of a kind.  dont know anyone else that has it.  when i was young, wanted to be sue, betty, linda,,,,hahahahaha,,,but after growing up, really liked it because i am an only one.

that brings up why i named my second son a name that no one else has,,, about 2 months before he was born, (knew it was a son),,,i woke up during the night and was told, his name will be _____, so there was no question of what it was, only thing i had trouble with, was one to go with it.  settled on his dads first name.  but he has always been called by ____,,,<<< that one, lol.   he was never affected by his name being different, in fact, he enjoyed it.  he came home one day when he was in the 2nd grade, upset cause other kids were teasing him (not about his name),,,i told him,, act like it doesnt bother u,,,and as young as he was, he understood and did it.  it made HIM the leader, all the others looked up to him the rest of his school years.  his work in life has been helping kids, especially the underprivaledged, and ones with druggie parents, thru church and showing them they are never alone.  there are some that have grown up now, and tell everybody he saved their lives.  And yes, u can call me a proud mom......

 ooo yeah!!!! i went fishing late yesterday,,,,, out at my sis's place on the river.   and i know yall already know, didnt catch a thang,,,r i woulda had headlines... lololol  all but 2 were throw backs.  and they mighta thrown them back after i left.  was just a couple of small bass.  we discussed whether they were legal r not, then strung them up....hahahaha.  my sis sat there n fed a whole container of worms to a turtle.  still wish id had my flip cam with me when we headed back.  my 17 yr old niece still had her bathing suit on, and all of a sudden, was screaming and jigging, and slapping and running back down the hill. thot shed been bitten by a snake r something, and all it was, was shed seen a spider on her!!  still screaming,,,is it still on me?,,, i told her if it had lived thru THAT, it would NEVER get on another human being again.  my sis, her mom, had told her to stay out of the water cause we were fishing, and when she didnt do it,, i told my sis, those snakes would smell her in the water n come to her. we had just seen one over by the side swimming in the water.  hahahahaha OUT SHE CAME.  she was our entertainment the whole time. (not intentionally)  i have to watch what i say, cause she takes everything literally.  dont know how shell handle being off in college next year.  

ok,,,one more.  few months ago, i had woke up about 11 r 12 pm,,,and heard my nephews name on my scanner,,,ears perked up,,,(u know how it is).  seems someone had called them is as being suspicious.  they had parked the pickup by some storage units, and got out and walked off.   thats all they knew.,,,what they had done, was park and walk back to a tower and climbed it.  saw the cop from up there, checking out their ride.  had a great view,,,they said.  well, they went back to their pu, and since the cop had been watching for them, thats when they got stopped, and when i heard this.,,, we just wanted to walk in the dark!!!,,, im thinking omg,,,cant they do better than that? hahahahaha,,,,theyre good kids, so nothing happened.,,,,the next time i saw him,,i said,,,i had heard he liked walking in the dark.  he just died laughing,,,said hed told his friend i would hear it.  cant get away with nothing in these small towns. lololol

bye yall


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  3. Fishing was good, the catching was not so good. But a bad day's fishing is better that good day working.

  4. Hey Trouble, don't worry about taking your comment off, if it posted my real name it would say Neobah, which is my legal first name but have gone by my middle name Kathleen ( Kathie ) all my life because no one could pronounce Neobah. I think when I post a response to a comment it actually says Kathie Bass but that doesn't bother me because one day I Googled my name and nothing came up, not even my blog. Most everyone who reads me has been around awhile so I know there are no stalkers in the group but I understand your feelings. When I started using Disqus I think it asked me what name I wanted to use and I said Kathie and honestly I have no idea what it says, I'll have to look.
    I don't fish, I could never put a worm on a hook, and if I did get a fish all I could think of was how to get it off the hook and back into the water.My Dad took me once and I cried and that was the end of the fishing teaching.LOL! I guess I would starve or have to grow my own veggies to live on if I had to hunt or catch anything on my own. I still have visions of my grandma wringing the chickens necks for dinner. It turned me off doing that forever.