Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Welll,,,, hells bells,,,, had this ready to publish, and lost it all!!!  Didnt get up til 9, then about 11;30, just fixing to get into shower, and sis called, coming by.  Had this just about ready at that time, but didnt publish, wanted to wait til later.  Finally got into shower about 12;30, just now had lunch, nearly 2 pm. so im way behind.  THEN,,,i tried to do something to transfer a file from desktop to this, and bam,,,lost it all.  SO,,,,im starting allllll over.  what a day already. 

Is this our Easter spell yet? lololol,,, keeps getting cold, and i know i can remember having ice in April.  Just never know,,here in TX.  And thats what i was trying to transfer,,,,a story i clipped out years ago, about a weatherman that moved to TX from yankeeland.    Ill get it on here even if i have to retype that whole thang!......Maybe not today,,,one thing about being retired,,,i can always put off today, what i can do tomorrow.  etc,,,,and etc.....

After all the hullabaloo today,,,dont know what brought it to mind,,, c title,,, but sure do remember what happened.  Got up one morning, staggered into kitchen for that first cup,,,and just stopped and stared. OMG... had a mountain of maggots on the counter, next to my coffee pot....all squirming, squiggling,,, I stared for a while,,,got my coffee and left,,,,had to think about this,,u know.  and i did.  Went back ready to check my eye sight, and sure enough,,,i had seen right!,,,not only was there one mountain, when i looked on the other side of my sink,,,there was another one tooooo.  Stood staring again.  wow,, saw one land on top of that mountain, now,,,how did that happen????,,,finally looked up, and there was this trail of wood ants on the upper cabinets,,,dropping all these,,,thangs,,,lol,, into these piles on my counter.   Was their larvae, musta worked all nite to get piles this big.  I scraped them off and threw them out,,,never had wood ants again.   Reason i said scraped, was because when u tried to move em, they kinda squished.  I had just tossed their whole nests of new ones away.   At that time i was living in a duplex, wasnt my house. 

OK, spent an hour trying to get that file here, and just not gonna fool with it any more today.  Have patience just so far, then have to drop it.  Going out to my sis n maybe help her clean fish.  Her partner brought in a bunch but it was late so he left them in a cooler.  He went with a group from work, out to the lake, caught a lot of croppie.  Ill clean for my supper any time,,,lololo,,,like ,,,helping cut up deer meat.  Think I still have a small package in the freezer.  Need to cook it while its still good.  Is back strap,,,ummmmmm.




  1. Sounds like you've had a heck of a day! Computers can be so much fun and sooo frustrating too, and I am like you, after awhile my patience wears thin, best to just put whatever aside for another day.
    What a horrible sight to see before you even had your first cup of coffee down, maggots. They are sickening looking aren't they? But I've seen them too when I had fly problems years ago with a hole under my kitchen sink. They work fast! LOL
    Hope you get a fine kettle of fish out of your cleaning. I love eating them, just don't like the catching part...and know I wouldn't like the cleaning either. What can I say I'm a wimp!

  2. Hey Trouble, HOWDY. Just jumped over from Kathie's blog. I hope you are right about the Easter spell, as late as Easter is this year if'n we have a freeze that late my poor garden well probably be done before it gets started. Already having to water every other day or so. Deep sand and high temps just do not go together. I don't have my own blog, but sure like to read about other people's adventures.

  3. Thank you sooo much for becoming a follower. I finally broke down n started my own. Like you, i loved reading the others too. Still dont know what im doing half the time,,,lololol Like,,this morn, was a new thing for bloggers, and i really liked one, the flippage?,,,but,,,,dont know how to add it. hahahaha,,,o well,,,check into it more, later.

    Kathie,,what i had thot was maggots, was really the ant larvae,,,lololol, still not good to c when u need that first cup.