Saturday, March 26, 2011

Discouraged here

Getting discouraged, spending all this time, and not having visitors.  well, just a very small few.  and THANK YOU, DIZZY!!!  ur my only follower.  and also, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE LEAVING COMMENTS.  so im asking you, if u visit ,,,please let me know u enjoy.  ive set it to where anybody can make comments really easy, i think, if not, let me know.

Spent more time yesterday on phone with dell tech, LOTS of time ,,,again,,,,to finish what the other one had left.  HATE to call, get foreigners that cant talk english!!!  asked the first one to transfer me to someone that could, and he hung up,,,,lmaooooo, but when i called back i did get one i could understand.  i had one question,,,that could be answered with a yes r no, and that first one could NOT do that.  took the 2nd one just a minute to do it, so i had all i needed.  sure hope thats all i need from the idiot dept. 

Need a little help on this firefox, maybe one of u can help me.  how do i change security settings so i wont keep getting the question of "allow" all the time when im opening up a new page.  get that on 9 out of 10 sites i go to.

gonna get up n get something done today.,,,,starting with shower, lol,,,



  1. It takes time for people to find your blog. If you become a public follower of someones blog, your picture will show up on their site. When someone picks on your picture, your profile will come up and they can find your blog that way. I would miss you if you quit blogging. Don't get discouraged, at least I read your blog. I see from your stats that you have had 153 views. That is not bad.

  2. Hi Trouble in Texas,
    Just became a follower, like your style of writing because you write like I bet you talk in person. Don't get discouraged about followers and comments though. I started about a year ago was sort of hit and miss, not posting everyday but Ben joined me and then Dizzy Dick and a guy named Paul and last time I checked I was up to 29. I also don't always comment even though I check my blogs everyday, because of the way I work, by the time I get to a post maybe everyone has already said what I would have said so rather than just say it again, I pass.Found you through Dick's blog by the way. I did get a chuckle even tho I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, you talking to the technician and not understanding, went through that this week between Tracfone and Net 10 I had over 90 minutes wracked up on my home phone, it was like the blind leading the blind. Took 3 days to get things right. Anyway, nice to meet you and will chat again soon!

  3. thx DD, and kathie, lol, and yes, its how i talk in person. like to c the bright side of day n laugh, not cry.