Monday, December 26, 2011

Cmon Gimme TWO,,

2 more will make my 10000th visitor. 

And to let all of you know, i had a wonderful! Christmas.  Lots and lots of people, lots and lots more of food.  Lots and lots of poker playing later, had to stay warm,,  Did sit out for a while by bro's fire pit.  Some of the little ones were only too glad to keep it going.  When i came dragging my rear home last nite, i was worn out.  To start with, that niece and her family came by about 9:30 and stayed a while, soooo enjoy them. 

Did i tell you? I cooked 5 lbs of potatoes, so i had a great big bowl to carry.  The lid didn't work good, so i had to be so careful not to drop them.  Could see myself doing that the whole way over there. lolol,,but,,,didn't.  There were 2 turkeys, with 2 huge pans of dressing, a ham, then so many fixings, i don't think i could remember all of them.  I couldn't eat any more, after i had eaten lunch, so i brought home a small plate for today.  O yeah,,,lots and lots of sweets,,,

Ok, thru with that.  Getting hungry now.  For waffles,,,hahahaha.  Need a regular day here,,,My dotter gave me a memory foam pillow, but,,i can not sleep on it.  About 2:30 AM i got up and changed it back.  Hope i can take it back, because that was on my list of things i wanted.  She had asked me to do that, and after thinking about it, i did.  Beats getting useless stuff, u know.

Does that BB like to keep you in suspense ,,,or does he not?,,,  Hey boy, get your azz back here, and explain!  Too early for riddles,,,lololol.

Ok,,gotta make a move,,might get dressed,,well, out of this robe,,lol.  Waffles were darned good.

Yall tc, and



  1. So nice when ya have a perfect Christmas gathering. Especially when there's more than enough eat'em ups to go round and left overs to take home. I'm envious ya know.

  2. lol BB, be glad to share. And yeah it was, a perfect Christmas gathering.