Monday, December 12, 2011

Grocery Shopping Day,,

Gosh, we have lost a lot of bloggers, seems to me.  Is it the season?  Mine is gonna be short today, going to Marble Falls doing my LONG grocery list, and the savings more than pay for the gas.  I tell ya, this one here gouges.  Besides, that good mexican restaurant sounds really good.  But who knows, by then, something else might. lol,,,They have one that's been there forever, and serves the best home cooking type meals.  It's the one, that when i get there, i can't decide on their chicken livers, or fish fillets.  OMG, mouth's watering right now!  lol.

Gotta git,,yall tc and



  1. I'd go for the fish, but then I can't even be in the house if someone's cooking liver!

  2. lol gypsy, that's what i did. Brought 1/2 home for supper, dropped it trying to pick up a couple of bags of groceries, but,,just was upside down, i'll eat it. lololol.

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