Wednesday, February 11, 2015


What do you do???? if you want to buy another laptop, and do NOT want windows 8. I really think I might get a refurbished 7. Might not need one, haven't heard from my repair man yet. Back a few years ago, had to buy a new desktop, only choice was Vista.  Well, everybody knows how bad those were, and a few months later they started offering the XP again. Too late for me, but I sure didn't waste any time downloading 7 to replace it, later.

Now, here I am with a "vista" I hate. I picked up one at Walmart last week, not much choice cause they're doing inventory and not much in stock. This is an hp 15" with win 8.1. Yep, it's going back. Have 15 days, and this morning it wouldn't boot up! After messing with the switch for a while, it did, and a message said something about repairing itself. It finally booted up, but who wants one that does that at a week old? Learned a lot about this 8, but,, still want a 7.

Worst thing, gotta take all the stuff off that I put on. And hope I don't miss anything.

Yall tc and



  1. I use Windows 7 Professional and no way would I load Windows 8 on here. I don't know if you can go backwards. I suppose the best way would be to take it to a good computer technician.

    1. Walmart has Acers with 7, gonna take this one back today, and get that.

  2. THAT is why I made sure to get my laptop fixed, (twice) even though it cost what a new one would. I bought two of the new ones, taking each one back. BEWARE of the new keyboards!!!! They are level with the desktop (instead of raised) and make typing a horror of mistakes and missed letters.

  3. I used to be a die hard HP person, not anymore they are trash. I bought a Toshiba about 4 yrs ago and love it. I was after the Acer but they sold out do to return to school time. I think they are a really good computer for the price. No way do I want to deal with w8. Good Luck finding something you like

  4. Just ordered an Acer, 17", with WINDOWS 7!!!