Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Got Trouble

Got up yesterday and turned my laptop on, found it so messed up it might not ever be fixed. I took it to my man and he even said he had never seen one like this. Bad bug or virus. Even the internet icon on my taskbar was gone. He loaned me this one thank God.

My desktop had a black screen and a message would flash that there was a low battery. WELL, he showed me where that little battery was, about the size of a nickel, handles settings, and first thing I did was take it out, go get a new one, and put it in. He said turn it on and let it charge AND it didn't change a thing, still the same this morning.

I have the disks for Windows 7, and one for drivers and utilities, just talked to him and he said that was it.  So, gotta run those down there sometime this morning. He's in Kingsland.

So, woe is me... lol. Yall tc, and


PS BB try searching Lands of America, Llano county, 0-7 acres


  1. Computers are great as long as they are working like they are suppose to. When the got trouble, it ain't no small thing, it is usually big and complicated.

  2. My laptop is a few years old and I live in terror of something happening that will require me to buy a new one! I hope you can yours fixed and reinstall your Windows, etc. Good luck.

  3. My computer is messing up today too. I would hate to have to replace it as I definitively do not want Windows 8. Hope your guy can fix it.