Friday, February 20, 2015

Whew, lots to do

Told you i had pics,,

Had to get these 2, a couple of weeks ago, there was a line of 5 or 6 squeezed together. Didn't have my camera in, was in the car.

Then some of the work being done in the river bed, removing sand above the dam, gonna take a while,, lol, (long time). They had to make that small stream to let the water through from upriver, the dam up there that is letting a small amount flow down stream, then here, it goes through a flood gate at the far side.

Those piles above are the beginning, maybe a million more to go,,, lol.

My sleep study is Sunday nite.They're saying maybe ice, etc, that nite. I've been watching the weather. The driver of the HOP bus that will pick me up Monday morning is supposed to call me today. Guess i'll go from there. On hwy 71E i think it will be fine, no bridges to amount to anything. Need to get this over with.

Not sure if i put this on here from Valentine's Day, but so pretty. From my daughter and bf.

The prop i have this laptop on keeps letting my hand or something change the font size, to LARGE. Have to stop and change it back. On facebook, i saw these things made out of plastic pipe, and one was a stand for a laptop. Painted too. Made a good one. Mine cost like, 20..00.  Gave instructions too. Gosh, might have to look that up.

My hip bothers me a lot, but i don't think that therapy was helping, in fact, it made it worse. It hurts when i sit, then walk. Whatever is in there gets pressed on and it makes it hurt. I wiggle around trying to find a spot it doesn't.

Yall tc, and


PS: OOO Wow, found a lot of pics that i had forgotten about, taken 2-3 years ago, off somewhere. I opened up this new app on this, OneDrive, and it has them!! I put them on my blog way back, pics i took driving around one time. Dry lake, spring flowers, cattle.

Also today, i put some programs on that this didn't come with, like Word, Office, think that's where that OneDrive came from. They are free, but you have to find and install them.

Might not ever know what all this new pc has, lol... and the strange thing, i find old stuff when i log into things. Of mine. Like pictures, bookmarks, email, everything.


  1. Dang, what they gonna do with all that sand?

    Sorry to hear your hip is still hurt'n. We both know how that feels when we sit, stand an' move about. Mine is Auther-i-tis growth push'n in nerves. Ain't nuttin I can do to correct it.

    Miss the news bout your son's back problems. How is he do'n?

    Don't sleep too long in your sleep study. Us older folk wake up all grouchy ya know.

    1. I think i will get a hip replacement in the future. My son is seeing the spine doc on the 26th, hoping to get a surgery date set. That fall that damaged so much delayed it. His arm has gotten all the movement back and his leg/foot almost.
      That sand? lol, have no idea. Hopefully, some businesses will use a LOT.

  2. Do you have a wireless mouse connected? It sounds as if the touch pad is reacting when you pass your hand over it, or a finger slips on it. I had that problem until I went to control panel and found the touch pad and turned it off. I was always jumping around on a page when I was typing. As for your sleep study: I had two of them and hated them with a passion. But you WILL go to sleep. You just have to tell yourself you must, and you have no choices.

    I LOVE my Cpap in spite of knowing I'd hate it. Joe wears the jet bomber full head gear and I knew I couldn't and wouldn't. I googled until I found what I wanted and I stuck to my guns til they gave it to me. I can send you more info if you'd like.

    Right now, my shoulders hurt from lifting Beau (28 pounds) and my plantar faciitis is crippling. So that's one good reason to concentrate on all the problems of the computer. It's why I've thrown myself into sewing. Mental busy-ness.

  3. not in control panel, will look elsewhere,,,THX. Sleep study not bad. Bus never showed up, 2-3 hours later had to call my bro to come get me. Bad weather

  4. found it, the Fn key plus the F7 at the same time. NOW i can type.