Friday, February 8, 2013

Still Around Tow


I finally found a few spots of water here.  Not sure if there’s any boat ramps useable tho.  Don’t think so.  I think the lake level is at 1992, and full is 1018.

It was after 5 pm yesterday, time for my supper, and I could NOT think of anything I wanted.  I drove by the fast food places,,nope.  Then, somewhere along the way, I remembered I had some wieners in the freezer, sooo,,,had one wrapped in a slice of bread.  (which reminds me,,I need bread now).

Now,,lololol,,I have the same dilemma,,,for my lunch today. 

Yall tc, and









  1. Seems like there is a lot lakes in your area along with a river or two. Here, I used to think it was a desert until I camped at Ink's Lake State Park.

    1. Lots of em,,the Highland LakeS. And rivers. Some of our creeks are bigger than other rivers. Best thing is, NO MUD. It's sand or gravel or rock.
      Here is this county, we have the mountains (hills).

  2. My old lunch standby is peanut butter - on raisin bread with jelly, and plain on apple slices. Just gotta remember to keep either raisin bread or apples on hand.

  3. It is sad how the lake levels in Texas have gone down so much. We need rain badly but here in West Texas those rains have not materialized.

    I would ask how you were able to put your Sky Drive pictures on your blog but I wont bother because I know I would never be able to do it on my blog :(

    One of these days I am going to pay a ten year old to teach me a computer course for Dummies :D

  4. MsB, I use Windows Live Photo Gallery, it lets you create a blog so easy, and also add the pics.

  5. I have Windows Live Photo Gallery but I did not know it let you create a blog. Will have to look into it.

    Thanks for the reply!