Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just a Little More

They were napping in the drizzle, and this was all I saw.


The old rodeo arena.


And,, the new enclosed one, I hate it.


Back to the old one, that’s being torn down.  You could park outside the fence and watch if you wanted to.  Or, there was a gate always open, way down the fence line, you could use to go in, if you wanted.  I just liked parts, so I sat in my car, then left when I got tired of it.



My dotter brought this to me, see the cup?,,,We had to have a good laugh, when I told her to look over on my kitchen counter,,,where my coffee mug, minus the handle, was.  The handle just came off when I barely bumped it in the dishwater.  Then here she came with a new one!


We had such a good time at lunch.  Since it was 11:00 am,,I had breakfast.  They did too.  I rode to Kingsland with my dotter, L, and we went to the restaurant that was in the film “Chain Saw Massacre”  Well, the building was.  It was moved to Kingsland later.  At least, I think that’s how it goes.  It IS the same building.

I get so tired of hearing tv, I have to turn it off.  Just did, and the silence sounds sooooo good.

Yall tc, and



  1. I feel the same way about TV - the constant noise, especially commercials, drive me nuts and I can't figure out why I even turn it on in the first place.

    1. Those commercials ARE louder! Not supposed to be, but,,,,

  2. I like to nap too, like those birds, during a drizzle.

  3. I like your Valentine's Day mug, balloon and rose. The mug sure came in handy!

    Why do you not like the new rodeo arena? Seems like it would be air conditioned and if it rained you would stay dry.

    Guess the only rodeo arenas I have ever been in have been enclosed.

    1. It's not air conditioned, has huge fans. I liked to watch from my car, because I just liked a few things, like bare back horse riding, and bull riding.