Sunday, February 24, 2013

Just Lazing Around Today

Need to get into the shower,, but,,,heck, got all day.  Also, need to change my bedding,,,maybe later,,,

That Lotta Joy had me rolling again, today.  I've cooked steaks like that but never wrapped them in foil later.  HEY,,,don't mean to charcoal!! hahahahaha  Gotta be med rare.

On each side of me, the new neighbors are all working on their houses.  The ones to the E look like they tore most of the inside out,,after a water leak they didn't know about for a day or 2.  Maybe all the old carpet, and a lot of wood stuff,,,not sure what.

The ones on the W have so much to do,,,saw a man out yesterday digging a deep trench, maybe sewer line?,,, after taking most of the boards off the porch.  Every time I was up last nite, there were lites on inside.  After working that hard,,how did he stay up?   lololol.  About 4 AM,,,the whole house was lit up, could see it even thru the window coverings.  Confederate flags, mostly.  Don't care what they do as long as it's not dealing drugs like the last ones.

Yall tc and



  1. If I had been doing all that hard work, I think I would be out cold even with my insomnia.

    Hope your neighbors are good ones this time around.

  2. You should go meet them if you haven't already. Set them straight and tell them what you won't put up with. Get them trained right from the start.