Thursday, February 21, 2013

Don't Know Where I Am,,,

Someone was talking about shingles, on a couple of blogs.  You NEVER want to have them!!! EVER!  Cause I did.  I KNOW you don't want to have them.  I lived on Vicoden for days, 3 refills,,,got up at nite walking the floor til it was time to take some more.  I need to see if I've had a vaccine myself,,,sure don't want that ever again. 

Lost this, but,,it was in drafts,,,whew.

J got his machine that sends the electrical shots and he went,,,awwww,,,just what he's needed since the git-go.  BUT, when he put it on the lower back where there seems to be something wrong, he kinda dozed off, and when he woke up,,he had lost circulation down from there.  Bad.  He was dizzy, saying he never felt like that before.  We don't know what happened, but it's not gonna be put there any more for sure.  From the waist up is wonderful.  He won't see his doc til mid March. 

Kinda drizzling here.  Maybe it will rain later.    That East wind has been horrible all day.

Somehow this didn't publish, so here I go again,,,yall tc, and



  1. I used a Tens unit many times for my lower back. The relief I can't start to describe. But it don't last very long. On one occasion I cranked up up. Got close to what you just described, my legs were numb. Throwed it in the dumpster 'cause I got all skeered.

    1. That's what he's using, and yeah he was scared, but today decided to use it on up from the waist. It had left those muscles so sore, it was like doing exercises for the first time. Supposed to do that?

  2. I've thought about the shingles vaccine ever since my mom had it in 1974 and gave chicken pox to half her grandchildren! I finally got the vaccine a month or so ago and fortunately my medical insurance covered the whole thing - it's pretty expensive if you have to pay on your own.

  3. I see the signs for the Shingles vaccine in all the pharmacies but I have never know what it was or anyone that had it.

    With no insurance, I am not likely to get it :(