Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Morning,,,

Went to bed last nite, normal time,,and could NOT go to sleep....So it will be naps today,,,yeah,,,plural.

Got to laughing,,,,of all things,, one time about bro B.  He was doing the cooking out at Ns house,,,and bringing the meat.  BUT,,,he forgot the meat!!! hahahahahaha,,, Had to call and get his son to bring it on out...hahahaha,,, With all the hunters in town, the store was almost sold out, and he had to take what he could find,,,which was some thin pork steaks, and at the meat market store, the 1" pork chops.  Both were fantastic.  I brought a plate home too.  Yeah, that's what he left in town.  All of it was great, even the laughs.

Had washer games going too.  My dotter and g/dotter even showed up,,,big surprise,,(g/dotter) cause she always works on Sats.  It wasn't too hot in the shade, and a little bit of a breeze got up.  I did make the firecrackers, and brought home what was left.  The ritz had been picked out,,,lolololol.  Mostly the saltines left.  Now i know which ones are liked the best.

There was something going on in the Badu park in town,,,don't know what, but there was a band, "Cheap Sunglasses" gonna play ZZ starting about 8, so a lot of us got back for that.  I didn't stay after 3 songs,,,it was either where i was parked, or they really were NOT good.  I think all  of it was maybe to do with a wild game cook off.

Way back, maybe in the 80s,,,there was one here, (first one) and there were maybe a 100 cookers.  Some friends were entered and asked all of us to raid our freezers and i found ONE young squirrel my uncle had left with me, so i gave them that, and maybe some quail...Out of all turned in,,,LOTS,,,that ONE squirrel, which was thrown on at the last minute just cause it was there,,,,,,won!!!  That was where i tasted my first fried rattlesnake, which i liked.  (Taste like,,,FISH) haha   The first place prize,,,he took the trophy, i took the money,,,lol.

Thinking pretty hard about a nap,,,NOW,,so yall tc, and



  1. I will write this comment very quietly so as not to disturb you nap or naps (grin). Sweet dreams.

  2. I'm think'n I would have a good time at one them wild critter cook'n things. Git a little taste here an' another one over there....figger out what I would ever put in my mouth again.
    Many year ago us teenagers kilt a big ol' rattlesnake. We figgered, hell, let's eat it. Like everthing else new and strange, it taste like chicken/pork/beef/fish. Don't really remember exactly what it tasted like....probly snake.

    1. Yep,, i'm thinking you would too. And that's what i did,,taste here, taste there,, Heck, had to check it all out you know.