Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maybe for a Day

Heyyy,,,i'm back,,for today anyway.  J was here most of the afternoon yesterday, and was doing so much better than the last week.  Said he had figured out how to make his back unlock, and you could tell just by looking that he was 100% better.  When his back locks, his circulation on one side stops.  Gotta get this fixed!!  But yesterday he could make it work.  No pills either.

I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up one of his prescriptions.  He had had 4 of them in a sack in his car, and they disappeared.  He had looked everywhere, and the only thing he can figure out, is when he went into the shop, and left his door open, a girl walking by saw the sack and stole them.  We even went back up there and looked in the trash, because he had switched vehicles.  There were refills on all 4, and the hydrocodone was just an empty bottle.  Anyway, he called the pharmacy and told them so they could cancel and start over.

We got the front in early Sat so it's been really nice here.  Kinda chilly this morning. 

J just showed up, so,,back whenever.

Yall tc, and



  1. Good news that your son is doing better but too bad his prescriptions were stolen.

  2. Got all that straightened out at the pharmacy, and got what he needed.

  3. Hello TnT, Is there water in the LLano lake by the golf course? I am thinking of stopping at that RV park for a week or so when I leave New Mexico.

  4. It really burns me to hear about worthless people that go around stealing without a thought to what problems they are creating for their victims. Now what is she going to do with his prescriptions, sell them? May she rot in hell!

    On the other hand glad his back is doing better and I hope he gets his operation soon.