Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rain Rain,,,DONT Go Away

Been  raining all nite, and still is, hasn't slowed down.  Not gonna go look at gage til it all is gone, then i'll see the whole total.  It's nearly 3" now.

Just got back from the store,,yeah,,in the rain but it's a slow rain,  gonna make a quick stew today or tomorrow.  Even got french bread to make garlic bread with.  J and i are so tired of trying to figure out something to pick up to eat.

Cleaned my freezer out this morning, had a little room... lol.  And gosh darn it,,found a package of fish my cousin had left me,, had to throw away, freezer burned.  Other things too, but they didn't really matter, just that fish,,from that lake just above Sherman, Denison.  He always has fish.  (Not gonna ever tell him i had to do that).

Can't get petespond on ustream now,,,and for the last couple of days,,can on facebook, go figure.  Got a little window on it saying to dl adobe flash, which i did, even tho mine is current.  No help.  Says beta on it too, so maybe that's the problem.

DD i guess you're the only one reading me now,,,no comments but yours.  Even tho there have been days i couldn't do this, i was reading all of them.  How's the swamp looking?  How much rain have you had?  What did you find at the flea market yesterday?  lolololol.

When i think about 50 years in the future,,,i kinda hate it cause of the younger ones.  I'll sure be long gone.  My g/dotter is doing everything anyone can do to preserve things.  She recycles everything.  Even saves the glass and takes it when they go to Austin.  My niece that lives in Austin, does too.  She has to have like,,3 or 4 trash cans to use.  And wash or rinse everything out,,,no way,,,for me.  I'm not convinced on global warming anyway.  Times change and always have, always will.

I think J thinks i'll finally decide to keep Rescue.  I won't,,and keep asking him every day,,,when are you gonna move him?  He's a wonderful cat,,,maybe one of the smartest ones i've ever seen,,had 2 before, and i know anybody would love him.  He's just under a year old,,the vet said, a Maine Coon.  Has huge feet and a big head.  I'll try to get a pic of him,,, He will be huge when he grows to fit the feet and head.  When J came by, i swear he knows who saved him,,,he gets all frisky, bouncing (literally) off the walls, running, sliding thru the house,,,bouncing off him too....lololol.  No claws used, ever.  I told him his dad would love him.  hehehehe...

Ok,,gonna try a nap,,so yall tc, and



  1. Raining here, too. I haven't looked at the swamp for months. Haven't heard any frogs lately so I figure it is dried up. It is finally raining here this afternoon. Hope we get a little more than a dampening. Check your stats, they will tell you how many people look at your blog.

    1. Hope you get as much as we did,,,and maybe more,,sure is black in the West right now.