Sunday, September 23, 2012


Across the top of this is: just a little bit of T... POST,,, a blank with "post title" next,,publish, save, preview, close.

Under that is: compose, html,,blank, link

Over to the right is: Post settings (gives you nothing when you click),,,under that is, in order, labels, schedule, links, location, options. Nothing there anyone would use. Last is: send feedback.

That's all i have on here. It's all on a blue and white screen. No scroll option.
Does anybody have this? It just was there,,a few days ago, when i hit new post at the top. It's what i got. It's the same on IE or Google Chrome.

Compose gives me about a 1 1/2" space to type in, html gives me about 5".

Any ?s?,,,lol.

Under options to the right is ,,,reader comments,,allow, don't allow,
Backlinks,,allow or not
Compose mode, show html literally or interpret typed html,,,(tried both)
Line breaks,,Use
tag or press enter for line breaks.

These are the choices. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get me outa here!!!!

Otherwise,,nothing going on in the life of......

Yall tc and



  1. When you push compose button, doe it look anything like I posted???

    1. Just found must have Java and cookies enabled

    2. sorta, its a blue and white screen, not near all the buttons at the top. and of course i have cookies and java enables,,always do.

  2. No problem here. I use Firefox though.

  3. If my ISP does not go dormant as I make a tells me that there is a problem with my post :( thought it was on my end but apparently for once it is blogger and not Cricket!

    1. Doesnt go dormant, just not all there i guess, according to BBs pics.