Monday, February 17, 2014

OOO Yeah, Today is Some Kind of Holiday

Just realized yesterday, we're having our March winds!  Hit again a while ago.  Got my wind chimes rattling around good.

My apt. for the hip injection is in the morning,, 10 am.  I think the reason it didn't work good last time, were the spasms i had for days.  I never recovered from those.  Learned a good lesson,,, take it really easy for a few days, let that stuff do it's job.

Put some brownies in my toaster oven, set my timer, and just checked.  Still raw!  Now, WTH?  Put the temp up another 50*, see if another 20 minutes will work.  I had this other oven put back, and when the previous one messed up cooking toast, i got this one out and thot it was great.  So, don't know what's going on.

My typing doesn't show up here, as i'm doing it,,, stays behind.   lololol 

Hmmmm, now i'm smelling brownies!  I cooked half a mix of cake last week, and had thot i had frosting.  When i didn't i did have chocolate  syurp,,,lol.   So that's what i used with it,  was soooo good.  That half mix was in the store, and for me was perfect.  I don't use my large oven, the gasket doesn't seal.  So anything i cook has to be toaster oven size.,

Well, yall tc, and



  1. When I lived on the boat, I had a toaster oven that was perfect. Bake everthing just right. It was too big. So's I bought a cheaper smaller one. Was a POS toaster oven that was. Stuff never bake right....have to turn stuff over to finish. Of course the good one was in the dumpster.

    1. I like the big ones, cause i can cook just about everything i need in it. AND,,, BTW, those brownies are sooooo goooood. Added about 20 more minutes. Just right. They are the Duncan Hines mixes. Cooked in, i think it's an 8x10 pan.

  2. My wife uses a toaster oven quite a lot. They work well for things that fit into them and a lot easier and don't heat up the house like the big oven does.

  3. Hmmmm....brownies, yum!

    Hope your hip injection goes well.

  4. Ahhhh, the joy of an oven with a good gasket. I finally gave my humongous toaster oven to the thrift store.

    Are the injections cortisone? yikes. Those shots hurt like hell!!!!! I've got severe arthritis and osteoporosis in my left hip. I gave up trying to sleep in bed several years ago, and find relief sleeping in the recliner. Maybe you can give it a try?

  5. Done that lots of times. lol. Shots were steroids, 1%kenalog, 4% Marcaine. Had her write it down, my son wanted to know. Doesn't hurt, they deaden it first. I'm already lots better.. Gonna take it easy for a few days, not mess it up like I did last time by stretching too much putting my socks on. SOOO go for it!