Saturday, February 1, 2014

So Far,, About 88

Almost all the ranchers want my bro to come get these out of the dens.  There was a small hole in his carrier,,,and someone asked about the rattles laying up under his tool box,,,lol.  Had one of the larger snakes attached.  So while he was patching the hole, they were keeping the snakes attention from the side of the cage he was working on... You don't just pick up something out of his truck,,,had another one get out too, so who knows,,, i'm sure not gonna dig around.

They, my 2 brothers, brought the numbers by for the super bowl pot,, well, one of em.  $10 numbers, $100. pot.  I got the 2.   Now, all i gotta do, is watch for the kitten bowl...hahahaha,,, 

Got my faucet put on yesterday,,, just took 30-40 mins.  lol,,, Then he showed me how you can loosen up one that won't turn, the one he took off.  The screws are UNDER the middle, on the bottom in other words.  You can't get to them without taking the faucet off anyway.  So instead of throwing it away, i stuck it out in the store room, maybe can sell it some day.

My camera is always in the wrong place, it's in the car, or i would take a pic of it.  Maybe later, some day, etc... lol

Yall tc, and



  1. I like the pics of the snakes. I think snakes are beautiful.

  2. Run out and get your camera. Ya got nuttin better to do, and I'll wait. Cuz I've got nuttin better to do.

  3. you're funny,,, I can't run anywhere,,,lololol. Gonna go kick back in my chair and nap awhile..
    BTW, firefox won't let me comment on blogs now,,, have no idea why, i'm back on IE.