Thursday, March 7, 2013

New VCR/DVD Combo

Going back.  Messed with it for hours yesterday, thot I had it after bro B came over and re-hooked it up right, but,,NOOO,  didn't record a thing!  So,,this morning, I'm back on it, and OMG,,read a little line in the book,,saying :  this unit won't record without an external tuner!!  My fault, didn't know tunerless,,,meant no tuner in the unit,,,just thot it didn't need one. 

Yep, it's boxed up waiting on return instructions, old one hooked back up so I can record an hour tonite.  So, back on a new one now.  Woe is me,,,sob sob,,,

I know yall are laughing,,,lololol.  Our radio shack is closed for some reason, or I would go see if they had any.  It was yesterday, too.

I've worked up an huge appetite now.  All that overuse of brain power.

My new neighbor,,Paul, has the place to the East looking so good.  He's mowed and plans on putting in a garden.  I told him good,,,bring in some rabbits..  He also cut the dead tree on down, what was left.

I'm hearing calls all the time, about skunks around.  People seem to think they're rabid, just because they're out in the day.  They can barely see, so they appear to be acting strange.  And, it's their mating season too, so I guess they are acting unusual.  We raised one when I was young, and my Dad loved it,,,especially when he would answer the door with the skunk right behind him.  He was always one for practical jokes.

Well, that's it, again,,,not much, so yall tc, and



  1. Sorry your VCR/DVD combo did not work out. All the new ones have to hook up to an external tuner now or at least the ones I have seen.

    It is always nice when a neighbor takes care of their property.

    1. I was going to see if the radio shack had those, and see what they cost.

  2. I have been thinking about getting a recorder for things I want to keep. The DVR satelite reciever boxes I have will hold up to 100 hours of recorded shows, but a seperate recorder would be safer. I have lost stuff on the recievers that was recorded.

    1. I need all the help I can get. I know now! don't buy one without a tuner!! I've bought these since the early 80s, first time I've run across this. Considering just a dvd recorder/player too.