Sunday, June 26, 2011

*&^%^$%$# Yellowjackets

Have to nearly always start this with something for DD. Still can't post to his blog. We had one of those ol ice boxes, with ice delivered from the ice house, don't remember how often.

Can't believe i just lost my whole blog when i hit publish. Had had error pop up saying it couldn't save draft, but thot i could publish. NOPE. All but first sentence up there gone.

When i first married, we had the one with the little freezer inside. Also had black and white tv, and 1 channel with an antenna. U called the repairman back then to fix things, and the cost was reasonable. TVs just needed a tube or 2. Then the newer models just got too expensive to repair, had one man tell me it would take a new picture tube to fix a tv and they just weren't worth it any more. That's when u quit calling a repairman, and just got a new 1. Had to get a new 1 for the LR a few months ago, the old one just out of the blue, went to a little line across the middle. I could turn it off, and wait a few minutes, turn it back on, get a picture for a minute r 2, then back to the lines. Well, made a quick trip to Marble Falls, Walmart, got a new one and called my bro B to help me exchange them but he was leaving, but said his son would. WELLL,,,i asked him and he said ok, would come by later. About 6;30, i texted him to HURRY!!,,,Idol coming on at 7. lololol,,He did make it, with minutes to spare. I had the new one in, unboxed, ready. I just couldn't lift the old one and move it out. Just had 2 wires to hook up. Got it programmed in, set vcr to record something else, and made it all by 7!!

Lately, been seeing $%^*%^)*((*^&$ yellowjackets when i would go out my back door, buzzing around me. One chased me yesterday when i went out for the paper, didn't sting, but i looked real good, then. HOW did i miss it?,,,right up above the door, a nest of about 15 or 20!! Made my plans, called my son and left him a message that if he wanted them, come get them before i got back last nite. He does show and tell, but they were still there when i got back about 10. Sleeping, hehehehe,,,dreaming the good dreams, never knowing what was fixing to hit em. I got in the house, unloaded, got the spray and went back out the door, barely,,had to have a quick re entry. Then i turned loose on them. They dropped like rocks. I got my face full of spray, never thinking about being downwind. Got back in, spitting, yukking, and went straight to wash off face and hands. Guess i'm not poisoned. lol, but they are.    Lots of dead ones there this morning, even one in here on my floor. 

Gosh, just noticed all the stuff above here, even spell check is back!!! WTH???  I didn't do anything to change it.  Maybe blogger lost me earlier, making changes on here.    It's saving my drafts too.  Updated?

Ok, read BB's blog today, and he's talking about mice.  I accidentally discovered the best way to get rid of them, ever.  I stored my bird feed in a 5 gallon bucket out in my store room, and when it got low, i just left the lid off.  Opened the door one day, heard this strange noise, and cautiously looked in.  There were like, 15 mice in that bucket, couldn't get out.  Got the 2 cats rounded up, and when they figured out not to run, and finally looked, they couldn't grab them fast enough.  This went on for  days.  I did feel kinda bad about the last 2, they were such babies, but,,,,,good ol Jude was there and waiting.  Got rid of all the mice on this hill, i think. lololol.  There's still a bucket out there, and sometimes, there might be 1 or 2 in it. 

O yeah,  niece didn't win the Aqua Boom contest.  Not even in the top 3, and when i made it that far, i left, still don't know who won.  By then i had been sitting on that chair so long, i had to get out of there.  I had never been to one before, so i didn't know  how long the first part could drag along.  That's how i wasn't home last nite til my bed time,,,lololol.  Got those yellowjackets, tho.

I haven't forgotten about telling u about being arrested once.  But not today.  Long story.  

Had to redo all this today, too much time.  Yall hagd.


  1. Glad you got rid of your stinging neighbors, but be carefull of the spay, it is poison you know.

  2. need to remember to mention what i read in the paper today, about the things that attach to tv's, etc. How much energy they use, and they won't cut off. I'll c if i can find that again.

  3. Yellow jackets in hot weather sure are cantankerous. We've had to knock some nests down this year as well - maybe the drought has them cranky?

    There was an old time DIY mouse trap that used a water filled pail for the trap. A string was strung across the open top with a small can lid in the middle secured to it. Bait was secured to the lid middle.

    The way the trap worked (supposedly, never seen this myself) was that the mouse tightroped across the string, then got flipped into the pail below when it stepped on the lid. Drowned below.

  4. My dad was the "ice man" up in Wills Point a long, long time ago had the horse and cart and Etc. Any time he had to take a day off they just loaded the cart and turned the horse loose, he knew the route beter than my dad. All the sub had to do was carry the ice in.

    The best mouse trap ever is just a five gallon bucket, some smelly bait smeared in the botom and some sort of ramp so they can get up to the rim, they jump in and and stay. Did you know mice are cannibals, they will eat each other if nothing else is available. Perfect trap, even self cleaning.

  5. Wow, never heard of that water pail thing. And, yukkkk, lol.
    Neat about the horse and ice cart. Ours was in the early 50s so was brought by a truck. Maybe that horse got treats when there was no driver. hahaha
    Thx for all the comments.