Thursday, June 2, 2011

This n That,,,

OOO DD,,I can post to allll the others with my google, just not urs. Sends me to a sign in page, which i did again today, then the word verification, then post, goes right back to that sign in page. So somehow, has to be from ur end. SSSSS

No news, good news, about pesky? Can't find anything today. Has anybody else heard since yesterday?

Just cooked some pan seared shrimp, yummmm,,,,waiting on other to get done. Had never tried it this way. Fast and easy, and soooo good. If u want the recipe, let me know. I have to eat really slow, and can't eat near what i could before. Might be able to eat 3 r 4 of these. Right NOW, but,,will bb. lol Used to buy a pound of frozen, batter it up, deep fry it, and would feed all 4 of us, as much as we could eat, and still be leftovers. Good ol buttermilk batter. Talking 2 teen age boys, too. Ok, had 3, gotta wait now. Feels like i'm stopped up. Every time i took just one drink of water during the nite, it did this. I would have to sit up until i could burp, lol, like feeding a baby. And i'm having really bad indigestion since i had this done. Even with the water. So i can't lay back down and go right back to sleep til all that is taken care of. Changed my appointment to go back to July 5, with my friend S. We've done this the last 2 times, and it helps both of us. What is making it allll worth while??,,,i weighed yesterday, been a week, was down 3 1/2 lbs. Darn sure worth it.

Who was talking mosquitoes?,,,,o yeah, DD. We have em here. No let up. Even had a spot of fleas outside in one place, but they r gone now. Mother always said they migrate thru sometimes. They were there about 3 weeks, and i did use sevin dust, but no fleas now. Hey Jude got his drops, so hes flea free too. The other one i had, Fancy, if she got ONE flea on her, she would do all kinds of shaking, jumping, biting, all with ears laid back. Then wouldn't ever walk on the carpet any more. Would jump from one thing to the other, and have u ever seen a cat tip toe?,,,she did it. on the little bit of space she would have to hit. Wish i had had my flip.

Had some kinda shocking news today. One of the men that volunteered at respite, just died of a sudden heart attack, had been to the doctor the week before, gotten married 2 weeks before, and had one like my Dad, here one sec, gone the next. He was retired, and 63. I know i might sound callous, but that's sure how i want it.

Hang in there,


  1. I don't know what is wrong. I will check every setting again. But I have never changed anything and you used to comment. Hey, keep them mosquitoes down your way. . .

  2. Bob_from_Athens

    Hey the further south them dang flying syringes go the better.
    They seem to have moved out up here for the time being, probably just hiding and waiting for the next rain. Been so hot and sweaty lately maybe when they try to land they just slide right off.
    I am having the same posting problems here as you are with DD. Don't know what to do. I have the same problem on several blogs, seems random. Tried to reset goggle and blogger several times.

  3. OMG lost another one! ok,,athens bob, ive been lmao,,about those "flying syringes" and DDs blog doesn't have the same options as the others. Even here on mine, now, i have to use name/url (u just have to use name) to post, but DDs doesn't have that either. I've tried all his options, and still can't.