Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Son's Surgery

It was torture for me to have to wait here at home for news. I got the first call at 7:45 that he had just been taken to surgery, and also the news it could be 8-9 hours long. He had told me that besides the one bad one that didn't get fixed 2 1/2 years before, there were 3 other places to do something to, too.

I waited, and waited, then waited some more for the update news, and finally about 2 couldn't wait any longer so i called his dad, and they had no news either. Around 3 his fiance pestered them enough that they called and got an update, which she was told everything was going just great, and would be another 1  to 1 1/2 hours. 2 more hours went by, and i called again, nothing. Around 5;15, they finally got thru, Went great, there will be no pain, and he will be able to stand straight. That was the bad fix, had to break the bone mashing on his spinal cord, pull it straight and fuse it. That's why it takes a neurosurgeon to do that. This one is great.

He had to have some blood transfusion, not sure how much, and he is staying in ICU all nite to keep him calm and under. They will wake him in the morning. I told his dad it wasn't as bad as the 21 days before when his esophagus ruptured. (thanks for that spell checker)lol,

This is one of those nites where i wake up, and can't get back to sleep, so here i am. He's like me, do what is needed asap. Not scared of surgery, DO IT. Gosh, i'm ready with this hip. It's a wonder i haven't gained 50 pounds, but haven't gained any, not being able to walk but just enough to get where i have to be. Getting in my car is hard, having to lift that leg in.

Since it's almost 4am, my proof reading is not too good, but, yall tc, and



  1. Waiting is the worst. Recovering after surgery comes in second. I am SO glad you live in an area where such surgical "miracles" are possible. Where I live? No way there would even be the possibility of success. Congratulations.

  2. Very glad to hear that your son came through that ordeal and hope is recovery is super fast.

  3. Thank you for your post. I am so glad everything went well during the surgery. I know it drove you nuts but it was so worth it, if it means he will live a pain free life.

    Hoping you will soon find relief for your hip as well.

  4. Thank you ALL. Today he's still in ICU doing fine. I talked to his nurse this morning. They are even gonna get him up to walk today, and so some therapy Even talked to him a minute, but he drifted off. I'm so glad they're keeping him under during this time.

  5. Prayers and well wishes to you and your son.
    Pain is very depressing.