Sunday, March 8, 2015

Been a While

So much to catch up with.

Got out there to the sleep study, son drove me, and i thot i did good. Next morning was getting icy and they shut down school. I waited, and waited for that bus to pick me up, and it never showed! Called my son, no answer, even called the sheriff's dept. for a ride home. Finally thot of my youngest bro, and YES,, he came and got me,,, was 10 or so by then. I didn't know those buses didn't run if the school buses didn't. They tried to call me but never got me. I gave them my cell phone # after that.

Saw my doc, and he didn't have the results for that or the echo thingy, and he had everybody looking, didn't find them. THEN, when i heard back, he wants me to do it again, wearing that CPAP all nite, didn't get enough info from the first one. Didn't say anything about the heart echo and i know he got it, my heart doc's office faxed it to him, and released it so all could see, even my regular doc here.

Ok, yall confused yet?

My hip hurts so bad, sitting, standing, walking, that i went to that doc too. He talked to the pain doc and got me worked in for Tuesday the 10th. When i had called, was told in April. I can make it til then,,, lol.

Rode that bus to one of the doc apts, the seats are not comfortable, and it took a lot of extra time, picking up and delivering others. Was my fault tho, i had oked it. Won't any more. The worst thing was i was starving.

If there was school Tues, the bus couldn't take me. School has priority, (they pay). We have spring break so i'm good.

OOO yeah!!! Lung doc told me he didn't see anything indicating i had COPD!! Took me off Spiriva, told me i didn't have to use oxygen, just the albuterol inhaler when needed. That's after every test on my lungs, known to man....WOOOOOHOOOOO.

So sick of appointments. I'm late on eye exam, mammogram, and i think maybe other. I let stuff go because of the above.

Now you know why i haven't done a blog post...but yall tc, and



  1. Dang Trouble, I sure do hate to see ya gonn'n through all these tests an' stuff. Reminds me of last year in Georgia.
    That hip, I know what you go'n through with that. Hope you can easily get yours fixed. Oh at least get rid of some the pain.
    I'm think'n bout go'n back to georgia an' let that doc kill some nerves. Get me a little relief for a while. Hmmmmm....wonder what that feels like.
    Good luck an' hope ya get well soon.

    1. That comment below was a reply to you, BB. Yes, you should get an injection, but you wouldn't need to go to GA to do it. And; so what,,, if you need another one a few months or a year down the road? Get rid of the painNOW....

  2. Going tomorrow to get an injection, can barely wait.

  3. After Joe and I arrived at a local festival, I realized I hadn't taken my walking stick. It's taller than I am, so it keeps me from leaning on it - which is how I always throw my opposite hip into pain! Took me a long time to figure out NOT to use a cane, but a tall walking stick. It took me SIX MONTHS to get the results of my sleep study, but that's because of where I live, and everyone has to take a second test using the Cpap machine. BUT, my first test showed I stopped breathing 240 times per 8 hours. Now? Just once a night. IF IF IF your mask is the correct one for YOU, you will like it. Do NOT just take what they hand you. Take the one YOU prefer.

    1. Thank you! No experience here, so it really helps to know that.