Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good Rains

Took a lot of overpasses, but we ended up with 2 3/4" total.  Not much went into the lakes tho.

The horse that was around here a while back, was back yesterday.  It is still in the neighbor's pen, and I still don't know why the owner hasn't come and gotten her.  It's a young paint.  I called J and he came over and even tho it was cold and wet, he walked up the hill and petted her.  She followed him back down here, and I came back in here and there she was, right out my door...lololol.  She saw me and left.  Later, someone had come and gotten her, cause she was back in the pen.  We sure enjoyed it.

I think she thinks that up on the hill is a pasture, cause she stays there.  Even last time when they were chasing her, she never came down to the street.  Stayed up there most of 2 days.

I sure haven't been feeling good.  Told J I had spring fever.  He said he did too.  Today, it's better.  He also said he wasn't eating no more of my chicken salad,,,lololol.  The little bit of onion kept him burping the rest of the day.  I told him,  if that's what it did to me, I would just have to burp.  I put onion in everything,,,well, almost.  He said maybe it was the eggs.  He can't eat dairy products.

I thot I could fool my youngest son, and started using the dry flakes. HA!  He would spend an hour picking out every little white speck.  Tried to explain, by the time it was cooked, that speck didn't taste like onion.  The whole thing did.

Ok, time for some of that chicken salad, so yall tc, and



  1. It would have to rain buckets for weeks on end to maybe get Lake Amistad to fill up a little :(

    I am surprised they have not come to get that has been a while now.

    I love chicken salad but I don't think I have ever tasted it with onion, though I like onion.

    1. I put onion, dill relish, 3 eggs, and mayo in it. Used to put just 2 eggs, but,,,