Friday, April 26, 2013

What a Headache, a New Tech Thing

My neighbor's mowing, which it didn't need, guess he just needed something to do.  It's clouded up again, maybe more rain, yet.  Got a 1/2" out there in my gauge..

Got that new HDD, DVD recorder thing hooked up, but couldn't get a menu on the screen.  Magnavox has online support, or phone support.   I talked to 2 different people the first day, and the second one told me I had a defective unit.  I told her no, didn't think so, just didn't know what buttons to use,,,,and she sure didn't.  Well, the next day, I called again, and in about 5 minutes, that man had me going and I even recorded 2 shows last nite.  To use the unit, you have  to punch the HDMI button on the tv remote!!!  No one had told me that, and with that book of instructions,,,(which I was also told to ignore), there wasn't anything saying that.  I've set it to record 2 movies today,,,and I know it came on, so I assume they are being done.

I was doing all the above, feeling so bad.  Went to the Doc Wed and had all my blood work done, and found out I have a bladder infection.  Where it came from I have no idea.  Had maybe 2 in my whole life.  Going back next  week to see about my wrist, which I wasn't sure if it was carpal or Arthur,,,doc thot Arthur.  Gonna see about an injection.

Ok,,,think i'm gonna run out to the park and see if the geese are there, I have some old crackers.

Js doing great, indoor workouts, and he said he walked about 2 miles yesterday. 

Yall tc, and



  1. You and your son get yourselves all better now, you hear!! I don't like it when my blogger friends or any friend is not feeling up to par.

  2. Oh yea, forgot to say I am glad you got your recorder recording. Hope it plays back now (grin).

    1. We're gonna get there yet...
      AND,,my first try at recording, worked,,,

  3. Trouble you have me beat by a mile...still wont go near my recorder! Besides I have given up most of my TV watching except for the news.

    Glad to hear your son is doing better and that you too went to see the doctor.

    Take care...good to see you posting :)

    1. If Magnavox hadn't had that phone support, I would have never figured it out either. He had me going in about 5 minutes.