Thursday, March 29, 2012


Forgot i didn't do a post this morning.  None of my house phones are working so i've been fooling with that, and got to a place,,who knows?,,I've got internet, and i've switched, unplugged, skipped,,changed those line filters, done  everything i could think of, and still, no phones.  On either of the 2 lines.  How can i have internet?  Could that lightening and rain shorted out BOTH phones?   I dug out a real old one, not portable, and it's not working either, even outside in the box on the house.  But,,who knows if it would work anywhere?  lolol  Got a dilemma here.  A repairman was supposed to come by, but i just talked to him, and he doesn't think he'll make it today, sooo,,i told him to call my cell if he could.

Ok, sorry about not posting more today, but i gotta get outa here and do some things.
So, yall tc, and



  1. How odd that you have internet but no phone service.

    Hope you get it all straighten out and at least you have a cell phone as a back-up.

  2. Find out from the repair man why you would have internet and not phones, I am curious.

    1. Sure plan on it, DD. I want to know too. My son told me yesterday they had the same thing,,no phone but internet for 2 days. Different lines in?

  3. I thot so too. I took that old old phone out to another place and it worked, so it is the line coming in,,,i'm pretty sure. But,,i do have internet. And now, it will be tomorrow before it gets fixed. Almost 6 pm.