Saturday, March 3, 2012

He’s Limp a Long Now



One of these is Limp a Long, got to see him real good.  Doesn’t hop now, can walk on his foot, just limps bad, but,,,,OOOKKK.


Yesterday was so darn busy, I missed some of your posts, even.  I made it out to the park just for a bit, and got these pics.  I hadn’t seen Hop a Long for sure, until then.  The geese aren’t there a lot now, don’t know what they’re up to. 

Got my yard mowed,,now I can see my rain gauge sticking in the ground,,,lololol,,the one that leaks,,,yeah,,,that’s the one.

Going over to Marble Falls today, later, short trip to Walmart, then my son’s birthday get-to-gather.  At a mexican food place.  Supposed to be about 15 people, and I know it will be a great time.  I need to ask him how old he is gonna be,,,hahahahaha,,,,Barely can keep up with mine.  One time I was a year off on that too.  lmao.  And not on purpose.  I DO know the year they were born, so I could do the math if I had to. 

Ok, outa here, just sitting here with nothing to write about, so,,,,,next time,,, yall tc, and









  1. At least you can still remember the year. That's do'n good in my book.